10 Powerful Ways to Stay Self-Motivated


Getting an ‘A’ at school, meeting deadlines at work, pushing yourself every day at the gym, what gets us going to give our best? It’s self-motivation!

But what happens when you are hit hard by the odds? When you can’t find the will to finish your ongoing project or keep up with daily activities? You have to find your motivation from the things around you.

When you need that boost, follow through with these powerful ways to get motivated.

  • Find the reason behind your lack of-motivation

Sometimes it’s not ‘what’ or ‘how’, but what matters the most is ‘why’.

When you feel less eager to carry on, remind yourself why you’re working on the project or continuing with the tasks. And you will be re-energized to get back on your tasks.

  • Set some goals

Walking on a path with no destination will take you nowhere. So set some goals and work towards them every day. It will actually put all your plans into action and every little achievement will further motivate you to keep going.

  • Come up with a practical plan

Most people often lose motivation due to their lack of plans. The importance of time management is the key here. Break your plan into steps that will lead you towards your goal.

  • A new approach towards the same things

Even getting started feels like a huge task sometimes. Instead of forcing yourself to just get on with tasks, try doing things that motivate you first. Maybe listen to your favorite songs, have a cup of coffee, take a walk in a community garden, or even talk to a friend who always cheers you up!

Feel energized? Now you can easily get started with your tasks in hand!

  • Organize your work space

Well, sometimes too much clutter around your workspace can be a hurdle. Organize your desk. Keep only the things you need the most. A clean and calm environment can certainly help you kick-start your day’s work.

  •  No more procrastination

Do you always have an excuse for not working? Instead of rationalizing it try to find the real reason  why you don’t feel like working. Remember, you procrastinating today will only increase your workload tomorrow.

  • Set a deadline

Did you know that you can complete the same tasks in half the time? If you want to that is! If you decide that you can complete the task in two hours you will set that deadline and give your undivided attention.

  • Stop multitasking

Most people take pride in being multi-taskers. Are you one of them? Then it might be  time to stop and consider your actions. As said in the above point, giving your undivided attention to the task at hand can help you finish it faster.

Think about it, what feels better, having one task completed or two-three things half-completed at the same time?

  • Make it fun

Sometimes, the task itself becomes a big source of demotivation. For example, updating worksheets or creating project reports. But you have to get it done no matter what.

Want a tip? Try to make it fun! Adding some excitement to the work environment is a great motivator, after all.

  • Visualize your success

The creatives and daydreamers don’t have to tell you twice! Visualization is a powerful technique. When you see yourself achieving something, you are more charged to work towards achieving that goal. Create a mental picture that you are completing your job successfully. And even completing the most tedious and difficult tasks will feel like you’re one step closer to your goal.

Remember, motivation is all within you. You just have to tap the right door, find your dose of positive energy, and make things work for you.

Want to learn more about how to stay self-motivated? Why not use a personal SWOT analysis? It’s a framework that helps you analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats you face while doing a certain job. The more you learn about your limits and what sets you off the easier it will be to find your motivation.