4 Effective Ways to Generate Leads Via Telemarketing


Telemarketing should be a vital part of your overall marketing plan or strategy. When it’s all about driving leads, there are a variety of approaches that can ensure effectual contact generation. But if you want to boost your business sales massively, then telemarketing should be your first option.

You are curious to know all the ways; no worries, here we’ve compiled four telemarketing lead generation performance tips.

1. An updated database

Without a doubt, a list is vital. However, having an up-to-date list allows you to target your client/audience better. It also means that you concentrate on quality rather than wasting time and money contacting people who would be of no benefit to you in the future.

Telemarketing firms claim to make between 300 and 500 calls a day. Even if your contact list is updated, not all of your “contact people” will be available to take your call. The conversion rate is anywhere between 5% and 10%. Making a large number of calls in a single day increases the likelihood of higher conversions and sales.

2. Formulate a stellar script

A captivating start is inviting. It’s critical to establish a relationship with your prospect. When it comes to pursuing your script, be more natural and pleasant.

Make sure you’re conversing with prospects in a two-way conversation. Nobody likes being questioned. A candidate who engages with you is more likely to consent to receive a demo or mail.

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3.Get feedback from your sales team

Don’t just pass leads to your sales team. Make it a two-way system by asking them which types of leads produce the best results regularly.

Your inside team should be able to tell you which leads are genuinely interested in doing business with you. And your outside sales force will let you know loud and clear when they need more or better leads. The more you understand their requirements, the more qualified your leads would be.

4. Record calls for quality assurance

Few people are naturally skilled at telephone sales. The great ones get thereby tracking their calls, listening to what works and what doesn’t, and modifying their strategies accordingly. Create a recording of the sales team’s calls and look over them together. You will see outcomes.

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