Pipe Clamps also known as pipe clips or saddle clamps are simple fittings and one of the various types of channel systems used in plumbing, heating, drainage and electric work. Pipe Clamps are found in circular or semicircular brackets. Pipe clamps ensure that all pipes are fixed securely and also allowing pipe movement or for any expansion that might occur. These pipe clamps are available in two basic structures, one being an adjustable jaw and the second being a pipe threaded such that the gap between the jaws is reduced and can be adjusted according to the need.

As the old adage saying goes that a sage woodworker can never own enough clamps. The truth is that a woodworker’s collection of clamps increases with its experience in the field. It’s not new to see a wood workshop with different styles and sizes of each. In a woodworker’s collection, you can find one-handed quick clamps that can be used for securing an assembly when your one hand is free, spring clamps that work in steam-bending a piece of wood and the collection can also include light-duty bar clamps which helps in holding small assemblies. To mention a few commonly used clamps are spring clamps, C clamps, miter clamps. What are the best uses of pipelines you ask? Mentioning here are 6 of them,


1.Edge Gluing 

One of the common use of pipe clamp is in edge gluing. With the help of these pipe clamps, several boards can be joined together to make a wider surface. These pipe clamps can be also be used in making makeshift table tops and cabinet components. How is it done you ask? Several pipe clamps are on the set up on the workstation and clamping pressure is applied across the length of the boards which are being joined together.

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2.Assembling Boxes and Cabinets 

Pipe clamps are of great use and come handy when you are assembling of boxes and cabinets. It also helps in holding the board together along with giving a material a structure. With the help of clamps fixed in the sides, the sides of the boxes can be brought together and glued. If you don’t want the boxes to be glued, you can leave them fixed with the pipe clamp.


3.Corner Framing

When you are working on projects that deal with wood, pipe clamps can be used fixing those by cutting it in symmetrical corners. For example, if you are trying to fix a frame, you can use four clamps to cut out the four corners of a frame. With the help of these pipe clamps, you can perfectly aim to get 90-degree angles while cutting the corners.


  1. Ropes and Hose Building

For easy management and storage, pipe clamps can be innovatively used to bundle up ropes and hoses. For a neat and tidy arrangement of the utility items, pipe clamps are the best option for stacking up things. One thing to be noted while using pipe clamps on hoses is that if you tightly clamp them then you risking of puncturing them.

5.Leak Fixing 

If you are facing trouble with leaky pipes then pipe clamps can be used to keep the pipe intact and thus preventing it from further leaking. But what you should note is if the leaks are huge or in other words if the pressure of the liquid or the gas is oozing out with high pressure and speed then pipe clamps can’t be used. If this is the condition then you need to get the pipe completely replaced.