5 Key Things to Look for When You Need a Commercial Printer

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Hiring a commercial printer company to label your products is no small task. You’re entrusting them to represent your brand, so it’s important to take your time knowing who you will partner with. The services may vary from one company to another, but good printing groups always carry common traits. Here’s what to look for if you’re planning to hire the best commercial printing company out there.

1. Innovation

Some folks overlook this trait on their checklist, but it makes a big difference. Technology has everything to do with how your product will look, and looks influence sales. If the label is cheap, so is the product. Be willing to invest in a printing company who takes pride in their state of the art equipment. It’s much better to settle for a higher rate and get an ROI that pays for itself in sales.

2. Dependability

This trait is especially important for food packaging and perishable goods. The printing company you hire must have a dependable product coding system that complies with expiration date standards. Dependability is also critical for non-perishable related product services such as logo design changes, and printing consistency. You don’t want to break the momentum of product loyalty to your customer base.

3. Responsiveness

If a printing company is not communicating with you in a timely manner, what’s the point? Even if they have the greatest printing prowess, it does your business no good if your product doesn’t get to the shelves on time. Pay attention to how quickly your prospect responds to your emails and phone calls. If you’re not getting action within 48 hours, keep looking.

4. Distribution

A good printing company will carry your product through a distribution system that kicks out the competition. Once the label is printed, it has to be shipped and presented at the right time in front of the right people. That’s where efficient distribution comes in. If the company’s distribution software and internal operations are tight, that’s a big advantage to you. The printing company will be an extension of yourself in a nutshell, so how your product gets distributed becomes a critical decision factor in the process.

5. Quality

Finally, every good commercial printer stands behind the quality of their craft. They will treat labeling your product with care like it was theirs. High quality printers don’t mind giving their clients a free consultation because they are confident that their printing abilities will deliver satisfaction. Confidence is a good indicator of the quality in a commercial printing company. All these tips make a difference in hiring your next printer today and in the future.