5 Modifications to Make the Most Out of Your Travel Insurance



Travelling is an exhilarating experience. Even more when it is an international destination. The long hours of planning, preparation and selecting the country to visit is a process to enjoy in itself. Next is followed by shopping for necessary clothing depending on the climate and locality of the region you will be travelling. Along with it is how you want to treasure your memories and the adventure. 

When planning for all the things you need, you should not miss on a crucial item in your itinerary, travel insurance policy. Pause for a second and think of the possibilities – what if things do down south and not as per your plan. It can be loss of baggage, your flight getting delayed and more. A travel insurance policy is the safety net that ensures that your vacation is not ruined at the mercy of these unforeseen events. 

What is covered by travel insurance plans?

A travel insurance policy coverage includes a host of features but some of the most commonly included ones are as follows – 

Emergency medical expenses: Travel insurance for your trips is the health insurance equivalent in daily lives. A travel policy ensures any unexpected medical emergencies are addressed speedily. 

Loss of passport: An unfortunate event like the loss of passport can be dreadful especially in a foreign country. Thus, a travel insurance policy ensures you reach safely to your desired destination by reimbursing or arranging for necessary documents. 

Loss of checked-in baggage: Loss of baggage is an unexpected event with no fault of the insured. An international and domestic travel insurance policy covers the additional financial cost that you incur due to lost baggage.

Trip cancellation, delay and interruption: Flight delays or interruptions are out of your control and cancellation in your trip is covered by a travel insurance policy.

Modifications in your policy to take advantage of your travel insurance plan

A standard travel insurance plan offers a blanket cover, try to customise using these 5 tips. 

#1 Based on your destination: Developed countries are generally expensive in terms of most things including medical coverage. Even minor medical attention can spoil your trip and burn a hole in your pocket. Select adequate coverage depending on the country of your visit. 

#2 Depending on the purpose of your trip: Buying travel insurance based on the purpose of the trip is essential. Remember to modify as a single policy cover may not always be appropriate. For example, if your trip is for business purposes, the baggage may contain important documents whereas for a family trip accompanied by elderly people, travel insurance for senior citizens is more appropriate.

#3 Duration of your travel: Ensure the entire duration of your travel is covered under your policy coverage. For a longer duration, increase the sum assured appropriately for complete coverage. 

#4 Home burglary insurance: When travelling abroad, one thing that you might worry about is leaving your home exposed to perils of theft and burglary. With the modification of travel insurance policy to cover burglary, you can enjoy your trip knowing the safety net of travel insurance. 

#5 Smartphone enabled claim settlement: If you are caught in unforeseen circumstances causing delays in your trip, you can initiate a payout right from your smartphone. Your smartphone can come handy to initiate a claim so that timely payouts are made by the insurance company. Modifying your standard insurance cover to have this feature on board is of great aid especially in a foreign nation. 

These modifications though seem minor but are critical to having a stress-free travel experience without worrying about unexpected financial constraints. Happy travelling!