5 reasons to run a pre-employment background check


In today’s competitive job market, it’s essential to vet potential employees thoroughly. Pre-employment background checks can help you hire the best people for your business and protect yourself from liability. You can run the background check quickly with the help of pre-employment background check solutions. Here are five reasons why you should run a pre-employment background check:

Verify education and certifications

A pre-employment background check will help you verify the candidate’s education and certifications. The best way you can do this is by checking for inconsistencies in the candidate’s story. For example, if a candidate says he has a master’s degree in business administration when his resume says he has only earned an undergraduate degree, this would indicate that there may be some misleading information on their profile.

Eliminate potential lawsuits

Pre-employment background checks can help mitigate the risk of hiring a new employee who could be involved in a lawsuit. 

Another important aspect of your background check is finding out if any criminal records have been reported against them (including sex offenses). If they have been arrested or convicted of a crime before, it may affect how well they perform at work and what responsibilities you need them to take on as part of their position within your company.

Improve workplace safety

Pre-employment background checks can help you avoid hiring people with criminal histories. If a potential employee has a criminal record, it may indicate that they pose a safety risk in the workplace. This is why many employers conduct pre-employment background checks on their employees before hiring them—to ensure that no one with a criminal record has access to sensitive information or equipment.

Suppose an employer hires someone who has been convicted of a crime. In that case, they could be held liable for negligent hiring if they knew or should have known about this prior conviction when deciding to hire the person in question (or if there was another reason why he/she shouldn’t have been hired).

Build trust with business partners & clients

A pre-employment background check can help you build trust with your business partners and clients. When you run a pre-employment background check, it shows that you care about building a positive relationship with them. This, in turn, builds trust because they know that their information is safe and secure with the company, which has invested time and money into running this type of screening.

Preserve your company’s reputation

A bad hire can cost you money, time and energy. It can also damage your company’s reputation as a professional employer.

As an employer, it is necessary to know what skills are required for the advertised position before making any offers or contacting candidates interested in applying. A pre-employment background check allows you to avoid wasting time interviewing candidates who don’t fit those requirements (and don’t offer value) or would make poor hires because they don’t meet criteria set out by HR policies and procedures. 


If you’re considering hiring someone who doesn’t have a thorough background check, then you should know that there are many benefits to running one yourself. You can learn more about how background checks work and what they reveal with the help of pre-employment background check solutions. You can also ensure that your company has the best chance at hiring productive employees and protecting against lawsuits or other legal issues in the future.