5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotion


Business growth depends on the higher amount of return than its spending. As such, a business person has to think of ways and solutions to increase profits while monitoring progress; otherwise, a business owner will be unsure whether a business is thriving or stagnant.

Hence, the need to use sales promotions tactics to attract attention and bolster sales is of utmost importance. Irrespective of a business’ size, it is essential to understand how promotional and marketing strategies can help a business grow. 

Promoting a brand is a continuous process that requires scrutinization to get the best results. It is a vital element in putting across what a brand offers and its benefits for customers. 

Many are aware of how a well-designed sales promotion can ensure long-term success, ensuring profitability, and bringing more prospects. Perhaps it is one reason businesses are getting more and more competitive in promoting their products. 

With a multitude of promotional strategies, many businesses have similarities in promoting their products to the masses. Standing out from the rest requires distinctive marketing that can make a statement about a business. 

Businesses can consider a digital price display that can save time from manually creating price tags and promo posters. 

Most retail shops still use paper retail shelf tags that frequently cause costly errors. Chances of missing tags and outdated pricing of products are highly likely, leading to unhappy shoppers.

Moreover, price changes often time-critical. Using paper tags with the number of products to update is challenging and arduous, making it impossible to finish it effectively. 

Electronic shelf labels positively heighten the whole store outlook, particularly a business, with its sophisticated technology that enhances customer perception on price integrity. 

SOLUM offers electronic shelf labels empowered by the all-new Newton system that has features capable of enhancing sales promotion while effectively improving business performance. 

Read this infographic by SOLUM to learn five reasons why Newton is your key to sales promotions.

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions