6 Benefits of Personalised Folders for Your Business


The advent of technology has obviously changed the way we share things and has done away with let us say what was the traditional way of sharing information with each other, and not to mention storage of all that information. So much so, that most businesses now actually rely on online solutions for running their operations and also communicating with their partners.

What hasn’t changed though thankfully, in the realm of conventional solutions is things is that personalised folders be it an a3 presentation folder or an a5 presentation folder – are still relevant. To be honest your employees may not always have access to a lightning-fast internet connection when they have to attend meetings, events conference etc. – hence, using presentation folders can end up being beneficial.

How? You may wonder, so let us tell you how personalised folder can benefit your business:

  1. Branding: Personalised folder are literally the best kind of folders you can use in your organisation. Be it organising an event or even looking for permanent solutions for your employees, customising folder in order to market your business is honestly one of the best practices. Including your logo, slogan, vision as well as mission statements is the ideal the ideal way to go about it. Apart from that, you can print your folders in your corporate colours, along with adding your contact details and your website address on the covers.

The benefit of creating personalised folders lies in the fact that anyone who will see your folder during a meeting or even corporate events will get a clear idea of your brand. Another great practice would be, that if you’re planning to serve any material to your audience, you must present that material in the personalised folders. This way you create brand recognition and retention even after the meeting is over. Even if your presentation is forgotten, your brand will not be. The folder stands in as a promotional material, and remember this is the main reason for promotional materials use. Even where you intend them on giveaways like Bulk Christmas Ornaments in Christmas, they still serve to increase brand awareness.

  1. Organising Your Presentations: The main purpose of using a presentation folder is organising your notes and materials (be it an a3 presentation folder or an a5 presentation folder), the core purpose is the same. The fact is that over-reliance on internet or online solutions can turn out be risky at times! Technology can sometimes fail you when you need it the most – what if your power supply gets lost in the middle of your presentation, while you were pitching your idea to potential investors? You might end up losing on big deals because of such unexpected events.

Even when you do have material online, it is most advisable to print out your notes so that you can put them in your personalised folders. In case technology fails you, you can still go on with your presentation and still make an impact with your presentation. Also, well designed personalised folders give the impression of a thoroughly organized professional to the audience.

  1. Increased Sales: The main purpose of branding and marketing is, of course, increasing your sales. Personalised folder hence, can help you achieve that goal if used correctly. The information that is provided on those folders will generate traffic for your business or even prompt potential clients to contact you for any further information.

Personalised folders can actually act as a constant reminder for your product ranges and you can use them as catalogues even. If you have given new clients the right impression during the conferences, meetings, events etc. then your personalised folders will help you in closing more deals. Effective branding, after all, ends up leading to higher sales, which eventually translates to much higher profits

  1. Sharing Extra Information: One of the biggest benefits of creating personalised folders is that you can give out all the additional information you want to give about your products or the services you provide to your clients. The folders can actually serve as catalogues and be used to provide information about all the new products. The fact is that folders have more space than your banners or adverts to include additional information. So be it your a4 folder or an a5 presentation folder, your personalised folders can market your information much better.

Since you really don’t know for sure, in whose hands your personalised folders are really going to end up once you give them away, so you need to include as much information as you possibly can, about your brand. Always remember that the first impression that your clientele or audience gets about your brand is actually from your personalised folders.

  1. Saving Up on Promotional Costs: Now this is a biggie because advertising can end up getting actually really expensive, especially when you’re trying to reach a vast audience. Think about all the various kind of audience that attends your open days, or your conferences or events, all of them can serve as your potential clients really. So you have an opportunity to create an actual lasting impression with your personalised folders by just carrying them to every event.

To be honest you don’t even have to be the one leading a meeting in order to carry your company folders. Just end up carrying it to every networking that you’re going to and train your staff to emulate that. The greatest thing is that you’re not going to incur a high cost for this method of promotion. The kind of difference a few personalised folders can make to your business is phenomenal, considering the fact that they can make your brand reach out to hundreds of potential customers in a matter of minutes.

Coming back to the point we drove in the beginning, while it may be important to use technology and have an online presence, some traditional methods like personalised folders for presentations still have multiple benefits for your organisation. Use your a3 presentation folder or your a5 folder in the most creative ways possible and market your business way beyond just normal marketing and giving speeches, or in fact way beyond just storing and organising your documents.