A Guide to the Innovative Invention of Heating Products


The air and the water heaters that can be manufactured with ecoforestry have now become the leaders in the entire market of heating and cooling industry. You will find that there are a wide range of ducted heaters as the product of eco forestry.

Know about ecoforestry products

The idea of this innovation has upheld the tradition due to extensive research and development. It is en Ecofores that deal with Ecoforest products and have developed a strong relationship with the customers over a long period of time. This has therefore resulted in higher standards of the heating products.

  • There is continuous update of the impressive heating products that has the latest diagnostic facility. These heat pumps will be of another level and that which is very easy to maintain.
  • The new concept is extremely attractive as it will work upon the control system matching the extra output from the solar PV system. This will ensure that the heat pumps use the energy that is providing by the Sun. You will then enjoy free heating and there will be no difficulty in receiving hot water.

The design of the products is very compact that includes both brine and circulation pumps. These heat pumps also have an expansion vessel that is almost of 8 to 12 litres in brine and production respectively. The dedication of en Ecofores in creating heating devices from the renewable energy resources is commendable. There are products like the energy storage batteries for the use of aero thermal heat pump. They are used to generate energy without the need to connect with the electricity grid.

There are even watertight pellet stoves that are carefully designed that have small powers. These are special products that are extremely silent and are controlled electronically. The best thing is that the companies have presented brand products in geothermal heat pumps for both the residential and industrial sectors.