Air conditioners at work and offshore air conditionaires


The law cares about the health of workers and tries to preserve their safety in the best possible way. In this perspective, there are many rules that require the employer to periodically check the air conditioning systems, as well as to sanitize and clean them. Therefore, in offices, companies and accommodation facilities it will be necessary for the employer to intervene in order to comply with the provisions contained within the law in force. 

Things get harder when the working structure is not located on a solid ground, but it is in the middle of the sea. In that case, workers are not exempt from this obligation. That’s why, offshore air conditioners were created.

Offshore air conditioners are specifically designed to make the workspace much more comfortable when the working location is on a platform in the sea or on a boat. In fact, these systems are mostly used on ships, where contact with sea salt and with the water itself could compromise the structure of a normal air conditioner and not guarantee the health of workers and the integrity of products made and / or transported. 

Having said that it is necessary for the health and safety of workers that the optimal functioning of the plants is guaranteed and that they are equipped with automatic control systems capable of warning of the presence of malfunctions and breakdowns.

Offshore air conditioning is manufactured to resist to harsh environments and difficult conditions and can both be applied to rooms, utility rooms, operator cabins or electrical rooms. The smaller versions can also be used in power panels and on shelters.

There are many companies specialized in manufacturing offshore air conditioners, such as Regrind, an Italian manufacturing company specialized in cooling and filtration systems for industries. For further info on this company, visit their website at the following link

The health of workers is largely guaranteed by functioning air conditioners and highly technological offshore air conditioners. It is then of fundamental importance to carry out periodic maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioners inside the workplace. These things are not only required by law but are also a way to protect the health of workers and ensure that they spend the working day in a healthy space. In fact, dust, bacteria, viruses, and pollen put back into circulation due to the failure to sanitize the system can cause discomfort (dry eyes, cough, and irritation) but also more serious respiratory problems. It should also be considered that air conditioners in offices, accommodation facilities and companies often remain in operation for many hours. Therefore, they need to be checked and cleaned more regularly than those used in residential environments.

Today it is also possible to effectively monitor all the factors that can contribute to making the climate in the workplace healthier than ever, through careful control of humidity, temperature, and gases in circulation. But how are these sanitizations and air conditioners checks carried out in the workplace? The advice and suggestions that we can give you are to contact experts who carefully and accurately examine your systems, intervening promptly on any faults present and carefully cleaning the air conditioner in all its parts. Contact companies that make use of the experience of professionals who will certainly be able to comply with all regulatory provisions and who above all care about the health of your team.