Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson on the Importance of Higher Education


While it has been a long time since Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson was in higher education, he certainly knows the wealth of opportunities that can open up when a person receives a degree. In fact, he believes that obtaining a degree is one of the best things a person can do with their life, particularly if they have huge career aspirations. He wants to walk you through some of the reasons why.

Access to Certain Career Paths

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve his life goal of becoming a lawyer without his degree. This meant that he would never have been able to have the career that he was most passionate about.

Many of the more lucrative and enjoyable careers are locked behind the requirement of a degree. This is because employers know that those that obtain degrees tend to be more passionate about a particular field, have shown that they have a love for learning new things, and those that hold degrees have more discipline. In fact, many of the careers that never traditionally required degrees now do so for this very reason.

If you want the maximum number of career opportunities available to you, then Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson suggests you consider the idea of a degree.

Better Money Making Prospects

Did you know that those with a degree are able to command a far better salary from their employer? Studies have also shown that those that hold degrees are less likely to be left unemployed. Even if you did lose your job, then there is a strong chance that you will be able to get a new job rather quickly. Those that hold degrees tend never to stay unemployed for all that long.

Improved Communication

In his career, Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson spends a huge amount of time communicating with clients, prospects, and all manner of people in the legal profession. Communication is key to his job, and he attributes his communication skills to his higher education.

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When you go through higher education, you are not just learning about the field that you hope to work in; you are learning how to speak, write, and listen in a far more effective manner. These are key skills that will help to make somebody a whole lot more employable. 

Sense of Discipline 

Higher education is not a walk in the park. Obtaining a degree takes a huge amount of focus and dedication. Not everybody is able to get through higher education.

If you complete higher education, then you will become a much more disciplined person. You will learn how to stick to schedules and deadlines. You will learn how to plan your time. You will show that you can dedicate yourself to projects and won’t give up.

This is what an employer wants to see.

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson says that it won’t be easy to obtain a degree from higher education. However, if you want to give yourself the best possible shot in this world, then heading into higher education could be the best decision that you ever make.