Benefits of Employee Leasing Services


Employee leasing services, Inc. is an award-winning national professional employer resource (PEO) providing employment agency solutions for employers, hiring workers, providing workers compensation insurance benefits, processing worker’s compensation claims, and providing disability benefits. Under the “multi-employer contract” preferred by ESI, an employer retains direct responsibility for payroll, providing benefits, determining job descriptions, establishing overtime pay rules, and collecting taxes. ESI clients typically have one employee for many jobs within their businesses. Many ESI clients are large corporations with hundreds of employees or highly trained technical personnel.

Employees that are leased by an employer are protected from employer liability for workers’ compensation claims. In addition, ESI provides its clients with excellent administrative services including providing risk management services to employers and providing claims processing, dispute resolution and insurance underwriting services to leased employees. Through the employment agency relationship, an ESI client can gain valuable employment law advice from attorneys who specialize in the particular issues associated with their business. They also gain access to an extensive library of professional articles related to their industry.

The major benefits of utilizing the services of an employment agency are: controlling costs, avoiding delays in the hiring process, knowing the legal responsibilities of your company and the benefits of using an employment agency. Employer leasing companies will act as your direct connection with the government and may have regular contact with the federal government. Your company can avoid costly mistakes regarding workers’ compensation taxes, unemployment insurance eligibility, workers’ compensation benefits and other employment-related issues.

Employee leasing employees can be used to take advantage of existing payroll taxes, increase the company’s flexibility without having to build a new infrastructure and save time when hiring new employees. Clients benefit by experiencing faster turn-around time, cost savings and competitive advantages. A good leasing agency, like AEI international employment agency, offers its clients access to qualified compensation lawyers, EIAs and benefits experts with experience in the tax and benefits fields. These experts can help you deal with any administrative problems you have with EIAs, benefit delays, worker’s compensation benefits claims and other employment issues. They can also provide services to employers on recruiting, employee eligibility screening, EIAs and benefits eligibility for their companies.

Employment and risk management agency can also provide its clients with comprehensive collections of data on their clients and the nature of their business relationships. This data allows employers and leasing agents to accurately assess the risks associated with leasing employees. In addition, the agencies can develop additional sources of data relevant to the leasing process, such as information on potential hazards faced by employees, which can assist them in taking steps to eliminate these risks before they negatively affect the productivity of their company.

A good payroll processing company can greatly reduce the hassle involved with incorporating temporary staffing solutions into your business. The payroll solutions offered by an employment and risk management agency can easily integrate with your current payroll system. As well, most payroll processors offer custom payroll solutions based on your unique needs. You can save considerable time and money by avoiding long-term contracts with temporary staffing solutions, especially if you need payroll processing on a regular basis. This will enable you to focus on delivering customer service excellence.

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