Best BSNL updated broadband plans you should consider


BSNL has updated and revised its broadband plans vigorously. The monthly plans start from Rs. 449 which is an introductory price and ranges upto Rs. 16999. However, the plans have definitely got a lot more interesting with BSNL starting to offer Amazon Prime membership to keep on par with its private competitors. New cashback schemes are also in place for customers who pay for the whole year. If you are looking to get cashback, the Airtel Payments bank is another great way to compensate for higher charges. Let us take a look at the best BSNL broadband plans at the moment.

  1. Rs. 777 – This is the cheapest plan that will get you speeds of 100 Mbps. You will get this speed up to 500 GB, beyond which the speed will fall down to 5 Mbps. You can download as much data as you want to. However, this plan will only stay at this price point till the 2nd of January. You will be able to make unlimited calls to any network. Also, the connection is available through the day. If you are looking for fast speeds and yet pay the bare minimum, this is the plan that balances it all.
  1. Rs. 449 – If you are looking to get the cheapest plan, Rs. 449 should cut it. BSNL bill payment every month can even be brought down with the help of cashback from Airtel Payments Bank. This plan will offer you 30 Mbps bandwidth. The maximum data that you can get every month is 3300GB at this bandwidth, beyond which the speed will reduce to 2 Mbps. You can make unlimited calls to any network and you would also have the option to have unlimited download of data.
    1. Rs. 999 – if you would like to have a very good bandwidth, 200 Mbps seems good. You will get a maximum usage of 3300 GB. Beyond this limit, the bandwidth will reduce to 2 Mbps. However, this is a great limit and it is almost impossible for any normal user to reach such limits. You will also get to make unlimited calls to any network and download unlimited data. This plan will get you a Disney + Hotstar Premium plan for 24 hours on Sunday.

So what do you do? You opt for a Jio recharge that offers free Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription. So which plan should you opt for? You have quite a few different offers here when you want added Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription.

  1. Rs. 1499 – If you want to avail better bandwidth, Rs. 1499 would be your monthly BSNL bill payment amount. This plan will fetch you 300 Mbps bandwidth with a limit of 3300 GB. However, this speed will drop to 4 Mbps when you cross the limit. Rest of the benefits is quite the same with you getting unlimited data and Disney + Hotstar Premium on Sundays. You can, however, reduce the BSNL bill payment every month by paying the amount through the Airtel Payments bank platform.

These are the best BSNL broadband plans that you can buy. However, you need to be informed that these prices would change most likely by the end of the year. These are introductory prices and BSNL might restructure these plans after some time.