Best Marine Navigation Maps Apps For 2020


Navigating with your tablet computer or telephone has never been simpler. We do Document management for our favourite five mobile chartplotter programs to be used on iOS or Android tablet computers or tablets.

Each of the handheld navigation programs listed are free or very low cost, but should you like additional features or comprehensive graphs, many need in-app purchases. The port for each one of those programs is marginally different, so test a few for yourself and find out which suits you and your boating needs finest.

As per Global Magazine,  Most cellular marine navigation programs use charts, efficiently paper graphs which were scanned and uploaded to the program. Vector charts are digital charts offering smooth scrolling between different places plus permit the user to zoom into additional detail.

It is always recommended to take your cruise or ship to the middle of the ocean after checking and verifying Talent management strategy of the sailor who drives your ship/ cruise.

In case you’ve got a choice, a tablet is better than a smartphone only because the observable chart place is that much bigger.


This very popular handheld chartplotter program works on both the iOS and Android apparatus. There is a small charge to get the program, but you can download NOAA raster charts at no cost. INavX functions with vector graphs, also, such as Navionics, Waterway Guides, NV Charts, and much more, but there is an additional fee for them.

For an extra cost, you may download and overlay Theyr and GRIB file weather information, a useful feature.

Price: $4.99 to obtain, in Addition to the prices of charts and weather information (through in-app buys )

Pros: Outstanding navigation program; functions with raster and vector graphs; weather information overlays accessible; 10% reduction on graphs for BoatUS Members

Disadvantages: Takes some getting used to; a few might find it too complicated

iSail GPS

This is the most affordable program of these examinations, and there are not any signups, pop-up advertisements, or in-app buys to spoil the experience. This is not the most extensive navigation program, but a sound, easy-to-use, full-featured navigation instrument.

Easily measure space between 2 points of curiosity, and export and import waypoints, routes, and paths. This program uses NOAA raster charts, and such as most of those other programs, graphs are saved on the device , not online, so the program is completely operational even if there’s not any Wi-Fi or mobile signal.

Price: $7.99

Pros: Cheap and cheerful; demonstrates ETA to intermediate waypoints

Disadvantages: Cheap and cheerful; iOS just

MX Mariner

This Android-only program provides offline raster graphs along with access to the Lively Captain interactive guidebook. To add to performance, the program also has street maps, however these are only accessible once the unit is linked to mobile or Wi-Fi support.

Just like other programs, you are able to produce, edit, input signal, and see waypoints and use the measure tool to rapidly step between two points on the graph. Distances can be exhibited in statute or nautical miles or km to match the operator’s taste.

Price: $9.99

Pros: Easy to use with no frills; street maps are Helpful for trailer boaters

Disadvantages: Android just; street maps demand access to community


Possibly the most popular navigation program, Navionics uses vector graphs and permits the user to link to chartplotters via Wi-Fi to transport routes and waypoints. Charts, after downloaded, are saved on the apparatus for offline usage.

Crosshairs allow for simple waypoint positioning and accessibility to local weather and tide data. Navionics supplies a two-week free trial and the graphs have to be bought to keep on utilizing the program.

In-app buys open up extra features like auto routing and sonar graphs.

Price: Program is liberated; $14.99 to obtain U.S. graphs

Pros: Intuitive and easy to use; links to a chartplotters; weather/tide information; free trial

Disadvantages: Requires an Yearly subscription


SeaNav comes from precisely the exact same company that bought out BoatBeacon, the famous AIS program. SeaNav utilizes NOAA vector graphs which download and connect together as you scroll. Android consumers ‘ are out of luck — that the program is simply compatible with iOS apparatus.

The map interface provides graph, satellite, and hybrid styles. Additional performance is supplied for people with Simrad, B&G, or Lowrance chartplotters via Wi-Fi compatibility permitting sharing of information throughout the network.

Thinking about the features provided, SeaNav allure with excellent value for the price. Not positive whether you would like to cover yet? There is a free version that lets you play it, but you are going to need to cover particular graphs.

Price: $19.99

Pros: Great value with tabbed interface; chartplotter compatibility; program such as Apple Watch; includes 12 months of free upgrades for set up U.S. graphs; free trial

Disadvantages: iOS variant only

It is always better to keep yourself updated with latest technology updates and trends. I hope you like reading this article.