Certified check: how does it work and what are its advantages?


In the world of business and transactions, the use of checks is still a very common artifice. And the certified cheap checks online comes precisely to assist in the security of these transactions against counterfeits and bad checks.

How does the certified check work?

Cashier’s check how does it work? Also known as a certified check, it works through a financial institution or when the bank itself takes responsibility (it validates and ensures that the amount exists in the account of the grantor).

Generally, this style of bank check has the following fields to fill:

  • Issuer name;
  • Monetary value that will be transferred;
  • Recipient’s name;
  • Signature of the responsible person (bank in question).

What is the certified check?

Certified check what is it? The certified check is, therefore, a more secure type of check in the sense that an institution or bank ensures that that amount exists and is not a bad check or even a fake check.

However, this functionality needs to be purchased and its price is generally more expensive than other receipts or other forms of check.

Some financial and banking institutions adopt the cashier’s check only as a nominal check and the certified check as a blank check, which can be addressed and redeemed by anyone.

How to write a check and ask for an endorsement?

The endorsement can be used as a way to pass on the “right to cash the check” and it is recorded on the paper itself.

  • There is usually a field on the back of the check to fill in the endorsement.
  • In relation to writing a check itself, it is necessary to:
  • The full name of the check issuer (person who grants the written amount);
  • The signature of the grantor;
  • The date of issue of the check;
  • The value written in numerals and in full;

If it is a nominal check, it must contain the name of the drawee and drawer, being: drawee (who grants the check) and drawer (person who can draw it). In addition, it must also contain the drawer’s current account.

What are the advantages of the certified check and its use?

Among the types of checks, the certified or administrative check serves as a source of greater security when making check transactions.

Even with technology and counterfeiting crimes, it is possible to maintain security due to the advantages of the certified check, including:

Recognition that the issuer has funds: this recognition is carried out by the financial or banking institution that certifies that the account has the necessary amount;

Liability guarantee: the institution that issued the check will be responsible for covering the amount provided in the check in case of any eventuality. However, it does this by prospecting assets and assessing the debtor’s account balance.

The certified check has become an alternative to accept a payment even without the issuer’s knowledge, because there is a bank behind it, ensuring the transaction.

Finally, despite the targeted check being a greater source of reliability than usual, it still presents risks such as: loss or even forgery. So, if you have to choose between a check or digital transactions, virtual ones are more secure.