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Previously, the storage, indexation, and retrieval of official documents was a slow and time-taking process. Storage was usually done on registers & other types of ledgers, which lead to monumental data volumes, thus slowing down the update and search functions. Data used to be stored in a haphazard manner across many different physical mediums. 

It was Charles Jones, a Newark attorney, who realized how crucial it was to have a centralized storage, indexing, and retrieval system and made efforts to move in this direction. However, his son eventually used computer systems to speed up this process, revolutionizing the industry in the process. Productivity levels hit all-time highs due to their computerized systems, which helped them dominate the industry completely by 1972.

You can avail of many regional & nationwide search and retrieval services from Charles Jones. They include:

Regional Services

You can avail of the tideland & flood search, UCC & Corporate services, tax searches, county record searches, and name search services from Charles Jones.

Name Search Services

You can avail of regional name search services from Charles Jones in Pennsylvania & New Jersey. Patriot Name Search services are provided in both the states of Pennsylvania & New Jersey. Charles Jones also offers Judgement Lien Search services and Child Support Judgement Search services, and certified copies as well in the state of New Jersey.

Tax Search Package

If you need Utility and Tax Certificate issuance services in the state of Pennsylvania & Tax and Assessment services in the state of New Jersey, you can utilize the services offered by Charles ones for this purpose.

County Search Service Package

County search services are offered by Charles Jones solely throughout the New Jersey region.

Tideland & Flood Services

Charles Jones also provides Flood Search and life-of-loan flood monitoring services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They also provide Tideland Grant Search, Wetland Determination, and Tideland Claims Search services in the state of New Jersey.

UCC & Corporate Services

The UCC and corporate service packages from Charles Jones include Status Reports, Corporate Tax Lien Reports, Corporate Copies, and Legal Existence Certificates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In New Jersey, they also provide UCC Plus, UCC State Certified, and Good Standing Certificates.

Nationwide Service Package

Charles Jones offers many nationwide services that complement its regional offerings, including due diligence services, registered agent and filing services.

Due Diligence Services

Clients can request for certified legal document copies and seek legal documents such as Incorporation Certificates. Charles Jones also offers record search and retrieval services.

Registered Agent & Corporate Filing Services

For businesspeople looking to launch a new business or expand their existing one, Charles Jones offers many nationwide services for satisfying their legal requirements. Charles Jones will file important corporate documents needed for Mergers, Qualifications, Dissolutions, Withdrawals, Incorporation Certificate, and Amendments.

They also provide Flood Search, Patriot Name Search, and Life-of-Loan Flood Monitoring services throughout the country.

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