Comparing Embroidered Vs. Printed Workwear


It can be difficult to decide whether you want embroidered or printed clothing, regardless of whether you are looking for new uniforms, workwear, or merchandise. We have compiled some points to help you decide whether embroidered or printed workwear is best for you. Continue reading to learn more.

What’s the purpose of your brand clothing?

Consider the purpose of your printed or embroidered workwear to help you choose the right choice for your company. Because workwear embroidery is durable and professional, branded workwear uniforms are more likely to use it. Printing is a more cost-effective option for promotional clothing that’s intended to be worn at one-off events.

Embroidered and printed workwear

What is embroidered workwear?

The process of embroidering company uniforms involves sewing your logo or branding directly into workwear with automated machinery. Your logo will be reproduced precisely using the high-tech process for creating embroidered workwear. You can load the machines with any type of thread, and you can have as many as 14 colours per logo.

What is printed workwear?

Direct-to-garment printing is a method of personalizing clothing. Directly from a computer image, your company branding is printed precisely onto your workwear.

How to choose between printed or embroidered workwear

The design’s durability

Because embroidery is meant to last for the life of the garment, it tends to be more durable than printed workwear.

As uniforms are frequently washed at higher temperatures and more often, it is recommended that healthcare workers or those in construction choose embroidered work clothes.

If your design is only for one event, however, printed workwear may be an option.

What kind of garments are you printing?

It is important to have a variety of workwear printing options because different techniques work well on different garments.

While some brand workwear, such as customized t-shirts or branded hoodies can be printed or embossed, others fabrics like Hi-Vis jackets cannot.

What brand clothing can be embroided?

  • Hats
  • Polo Shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Fleeces
  • Softshell Jackets

What customised garments are possible to be printed?

  • Protective Workwear, PPE
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Polo Shirts
  • Hi-Vis Jackets and Coats

Your design can make a big difference in how your personalized workwear looks.

Large designs – If you need to cover large areas, embroidery is more costly. Digital printing is the best choice if your design is bold and striking.

Simple logos – Embroidery works best for logo application on a small- to medium-sized scale. Embroidered uniforms are more durable than printed ones and look more professional.

Complex designs – When creating complex designs for your custom workwear, either embroidery or print are great options. The embroidery machines can stitch up to 14 colours in a small or medium design. Digital printing allows complex designs to be printed on large areas. This makes it possible to get exactly what you want.

In Conclusion:

Your choice of embroidered or printed workwear, the quantity you order, and the design that you choose will all affect the cost of your branded clothing. Printing your brand workwear is usually more affordable. However, embroidery your customized clothing will cost you more.