Different reasons of using safety barriers


There were times when no safety barriers were installed in the workplaces. Workers who worked in mines and dock worked in the environment where no safety measures have been taken. Governments have made laws according to which an employee who goes to office must return safely to home. Companies have started taking actions in order to minimize the causes of accidents.

Need for safety

Safety at workplace is required so that employees can work in a calm environment and if they meet with any accident, they would get compensation from the company. The employees know that the top management will take care of their safety. People may slip or fall at a workplace and this is a very common thing. Major accidents can also occur. People may collide with machines or vehicles may injure them. If small safety measures are taken, such accidents can be avoided.

What is a safety barrier?

Safety barriers are used as a measure to minimize the accidents at workplace. They are placed in such areas where there is a danger if people will cross it. Barriers can be soft or hard and their task is to prevent the entry of the employees.

Types of barriers

Different types of barriers are used for different workplaces. In this article, we will read about them.

Barriers for impact protection

These are the barriers, which are installed on docks, walls racks, shelves, etc. All of them have to be protected from various types of damages and the barriers used are as follows.

·      Shelving and racking protectors

Workers may get injured due to forklift accidents. Shelves and racks may also get damaged and the company has to bear much cost in order to in order to repair them. Companies can install impact-tested barriers so that if there is a collision between truck and forklift, there is little or no damage to the shelves. These barriers are available at affordable cost and people can install them easily.

·      Dock bumpers

These barriers are available in the form of letter D and can be easily fitted to docking ports. People can install this barrier at any height in order to prevent impact damage caused due to trucks, vans and other vehicles.

·      Wall and column protectors

These are the barriers, which help in providing protection to the vehicles. Impact resistant materials are used to make these kinds of barriers. Self-adhesives are used to install them on walls and columns.

Barriers for retail and maintenance

Safety barriers at retail and maintenance should be installed in such a way that they can be easily removed when they are not being used. Some of these barriers are as follows.

·      Expanding barriers

These are the barriers, which let the people know that there is a danger ahead. Such dangers may include spillage, wet floors, repairs, etc.

·      A-frame signs

These are in the form of letter A and can be found in the supermarket and malls. They act as a caution or floor sign.

Wrapping Up

These are some types of safety barriers, which people can use in different types of workplaces for the protection of the employees.