Different Types of Product Labels and Their Uses


Product labels play a vital role in the branding of your business. It helps your product stand out from the rest and helps customers identify your product like the back of their hand. For most of us, labels raise the picture of a standard square or rectangular label with four colors and one-sided printing, and that is appealing as well as functional. What most of us are unaware of it is that there are several types of product labels that can be used for a variety of purposes. Let’s look through a few common types of product labels.

  • Primary label or brand label

It is the main label that you use for your product. It plays a critical role in building a business brand. They are securely bonded to the product surface as best deemed fit. They come in both removable and non-removable forms.

The bonding with the non-removable label types needs to be permanent. They must be not only difficult to remove but also resistant to numerous other factors like water, cold, etc. The label on a beer bottle is a good example of this. The removable labels adhere to the surface but can be easily removed. Labels pasted on a clothing item or kitchen utensils are an excellent example of this. They can be easily removed and leave no mark.

  • Echo or information labels

Consumer products like foodstuff and other consumer products that you find in supermarkets have this type of labels. Their specific role is to provide as much information about the product to its consumers. More often than not, they are crafted from eco-friendly substances so that they do not interfere in any way with the product and its quality.

  • Dry peel labels

As evident from the name; these labels are loosely attached to the product with weak adhesives and can be easily peeled away. Some of it can be restuck as well. They can be printed on both sides. Often the surface on which these labels are stuck has interesting content which fuels any consumer’s interest. These are popularly used as coupons like the instant redeemable coupons. For instance, a customer is encouraged to peel it off and discover some surprise gifts like a ten percent discount on the current billing or the next purchase.

  • Fold out labels

These labels fold out to provide extra or additional information or content. They also can be used like dry peel labels as instant redeemable coupons. They are also used to add an additional copy. Unlike dry peel labels, they are made from a single substrate which is later folded and stacked. Their unfolding creates an accordion type of effect. Sometimes they are completely removable from the container. In that scenario, you find a different label below it. These labels are often used along with primary labels to impart added information to the customers.

Apart from it, you can find various other types of labels like the piggybank, asset labels, block-out, radioactive, laser, etc. They are also differentiated based on the material used. You can choose as appropriate.