Digitize A Small Business To Enable Better Customer Satisfaction


Running a SME in Hong Kong or elsewhere in the world is never easy. Sometimes it is even extremely tough to push for a business growth when your business doesn’t have an obvious edge against other competitors in the industry. For some more traditional SMEs, it may even be a constant uphill battle to make ends meet and keep the existing customers from jumping ship to your competitors. It is never only about the company formation, accounting compliance, or the legislative work with company profit tax filing, etc.

Go paperless. Convert to digital.

Many traditional Hong Kong SMEs in traditional industries would often rely on people doing most of the work, and would often struggle to adapt to newer technologies. Getting into certain types of technologies that are highly related to your particular industry would allow your entire business to work more productively.

Going paperless doesn’t plainly mean working without paper. But it is about accepting and embracing the practical concept of making good use of higher technology system, devices, and processes. In the end, a business going paperless is to aim for saving time, saving money and increasing productivity. This can be achieved by removing the paperwork from your day to day operations. Certainly this move would have saved money on paper. But it will also save on other stationery and/or expensive machinery like copiers and storage space for old paperwork.

You can take help of Encuestas NPS for surveying your customer with satisfaction level, how satisfied they are with the services.

Focus on customer service and satisfaction.

You can grow your small business as fast as you like. But there is a risk that you may have missed the most important requirements of your most invaluable customers. When this happens, your company will not last long, and you should be alerted about it and start to make a change. It is important to ensure that customer service is an absolute priority in all your operations.

When you are able to take good care of your customers, they will stay loyal. The loyal customers are the best assets to the stability of your small business. When your business needs the next growth, your loyal customers would form the basis for the growth.

By managing all your data and communication information electronically (or digitally) will increase the efficiently of your staff when they need to find some specific information. This will lead to them communicating much smoother with the customers. This would all lead to a much better customer satisfaction.

Stay connected

Almost anything today, you are able to do it through online. It is essential to keep up with your customers and competitors. Ensure you are connected i.e. Being able to communicate with your customers through all channels including Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Youtube, chatbots, and more.