Direct Marketing: What is it and what are its characteristics?


Direct marketing or direct marketing is the technique with the greatest impact on the market. Learn here what it is and what its main characteristics are so that you can start applying this technique in your campaigns.

What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is a bidirectional advertising strategy in which only the company and a specific target interact. It consists of the delivery of a message through different methods that do not involve the participation of third parties. The main objective of this type of campaign is to obtain measurable results on the strategies used.

Direct Marketing Features

The characteristics of each advertising campaign play an important role in business growth. Each of the expansion strategies seek to consolidate a reputation that positions the brand in the market. In this way, the interest of customers for the products offered will increase.

Among the main characteristics of direct marketing we can mention:


Direct contact is what defines this strategy in a fundamental way. This is based on personal communication between the customer and the company, where the answers offered will reveal the person’s interest in the product; demands a personalized treatment for each audience you want to reach.

Allows measurement of results

The efficiency of the results can be measured immediately. The decision of the client or those interested in obtaining your service can be measured through the participation of surveys, subscriptions and different strategies. This will allow generating a better use of the advertising campaign and thus accessing new decisions.


The communication offered results in a timely response, maintaining constant interaction with the client. This is a very important point and Ariel Pfeffer has commented on it several times: “Maintaining constant communication with the customer can make a clear difference to the competition”.

Increase the database

Using this advertising method is rewarded with a large list of contacts. The creation of an updated database facilitates effective client-company communication. This tool is essential for sending new advertising campaigns.

Lower investment

The distribution of the message or information, without intermediary channels, reduces advertising costs on a large scale. Managing direct communication with the public directs the economy of the company towards an incredible sales boom! The best thing about all this is that it will be for a lower cost than invested in massive advertising campaigns.


As an informative relationship with users is established, you will know even more the needs and requirements of the client. The direct connection helps you understand the requirements of your prospects; improving the sales or service proposal in the future.

Use of social networks

One of the great characteristics of direct marketing is its current great versatility. Through the different social networks it is possible to direct filtered messages to a particular target. Using geographic, demographic filters or those that fit your search will facilitate the sending of information. So you can invite to participate in contests, affiliations, App downloads, subscriptions and different strategies that trigger a measurable result.

Bring the business home

It gives you the opportunity to offer your articles or services exclusively. In addition to creating links that attract customers to your business; you can offer it directly to the home. With the sending of brochures and catalogs, you will not need to travel. In this way, they will always be directly and exclusively connected.