Do you know how important streaming is to your business?


Streaming is a platform for movies or music on the internet, where you have content in a generic or segmented way by niche. Because it is easily accessible, it becomes more attractive. In other words, investing in this medium is a great bet. Do you want to know a little more? Do you know the importance of streaming video content for your business? And did you know that 33% of companies already recognize digital media with the best return on investment? 

We will help you.

Advantages that video streaming brought

With this technology, content that used to take hours to be transferred to the end users, can now be accessed instantly, with maximum quality and without requiring anything else for that. Thanks to video streaming, access to audiovisual content has become much easier which was so complicated before. And today these materials are increasingly popular on the internet, as they are easy to assimilate. 

Today videos already dominate the internet and the tendency is that they are increasingly sovereign in this medium. According to research, less than three years from now, only these contents will be responsible for generating 80% of all internet traffic. And if you haven’t invested in streaming video yet for your business, it’s time to think about getting started so you don’t fall behind.

How to stream your content?

Streaming your video content is quite simple. You will basically need 4 important pieces –

Audiovisual content

It is super important that you are careful when producing your content. Think about the script, the scenery, the camera and the microphone you are going to use and the way it will be edited. Every bit of planning your video will be important for the final result and for the impact on the audience. Choose the structure that best suits you: your website, blog, channel or a well-structured media center.

Video platform

It will manage and host all your materials and prevent you from having problems with security, distribution, instability and other factors. So it is super important that you align with the right platform, which guarantees features that will help you to differentiate yourself in the market. In order to perform live streaming of videos, a slightly more complex structure and greater preparation is required.


Besides these points, you need to have good content planning. Setting goals for your strategy, understanding your audience and knowing how to analyze data such as consumption, audience and retention of videos is essential when creating and managing your digital business.

A tool to use at any time

Streaming is an audio or video transmission over the internet. It is a spectacular way to reach millions of people and generate content quickly. In the last three years there has been an increase of 90 percent in the consumption of online videos. Streaming is a way for you to interact with your audience. You can do a poll, a sweepstakes, a survey. It is your business in focus for the whole world. It has one more advantage – a low cost compared to the values ​​of other communication mediums.