Do You Know What a Hot Melt Glue Machine Is?


There is no hassle of using any glue gun if you go for hot melt adhesive machine. This machine can help you to improve the productivity standard and overcome waste. Also, it is much efficient, faster, and the safest option instead of using a glue gun.

Generally, it is used for making assembly, packaging, binding, and a few other tasks very quickly. This machine can save almost 50% of your cost of gluing because it will not waste your glue.

There are many leading textile machinery manufacturers for weaving, technical textiles, textile finishing, and green technologies are also the best hot melt coating machine supplier.

This machine has a constantly rotating wheel that helps in distributing the adhesive. For equal glue distribution and its designs in an undisturbed and fast mechanism for your effective gluing operation, this can be a perfect mechanism.

This machine can always be set as per the glue thickness that you need for the cardboard. You can easily adjust the glue chamber for controlling the temperature. In order to melt the glue capsule, you can use it for maintaining the accurate temperature as desired. This machine is able to work in a very wide temperature range, which can help to melt all types of glue.

How to choose a proper hot melt dispensing machine?

The following are a few tips to select this machine for your production purpose.

1.     Brand selection

You must select any reliable products and services, to make sure that it is safe to use in your shop floor. Before you buy this machine, prefer to do a trial for few days on your production line to see how effective the hot melt machine products are. There will be detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer that will also explain the scope of application.

2.     As per the glue tank capacity 

You must try to see the index of your other machines i.e. at what rate you need to apply glue. You may need to make a few simple calculations to determine this. The capacity of the melter must be selected based on the glue amount to be used. In short, you must select based on your actual application. Generally, people prefer a larger one to have a backup.

3.     The gluing effect is quite important

As per the precision requirements of your product gluing and also the cooperation between your machines on the production floor, you must select your hot melt glue machine.

4.     As per the product gluing method

As per the method of glue application of your product, you need to select the machine. As an example, prefer to go for:

  • Double-head type glue machine
  • Glue roll machine
  • Desktop type glue machine
  • Hot melt glue coater

The meter function of all the melter may not be the same. People generally prefer automatic dispensing machines in most of the industry along with self-adhesive labels, furniture production, auto parts, medical dressings, air purification, leather, cloth, packaging industry, etc.

Proper selection of your dispenser equipment will ensure your smooth production and increase the productivity of your company.