Easiest Ways to Cleanse Weed From Your Urine


We can all agree that consuming weed is not problematic as other illegal drugs especially if you have in mind its medical properties.

Even though most states decided to legalize it for medicinal and recreational use, it is still banned on federal levels, which means that employer can easily fire you or terminates your contracts because you failed the screening.

The main problem with THC is that it stays the longest in our body due to its chemical properties that will enter into fat cells and remain inside for days. Therefore, when you consume it, you will have to wait for a week to cleanse it.

Of course, if you consume it regularly, the THC may remain in your urine for months after last usage. The idea is that most drug tests are checking the THC metabolites or by products of substances that you have consumed after body starts processing them.

To know whether you can pass a drug test or not, the first thing you should do is to determine how much THC you have in your system and which are the most common screening methods that employers and law enforcement agencies use.

By using the best synthetic urine for passing a drug test – buy it here you will be able to tamper with urinalysis.

Of course, you can use other methods as well for cleansing THC from urine, but if you do not have enough time to do it naturally, you need to find alternative method for passing.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Body?

When we are talking about THC metabolites, you should remember that it comes with a half-life of seven days. Therefore, in every seven days the amount of THC inside your body will reduce for 50%.

By understanding this particular fact, you can create a general perspective on how long you will need to remove it completely from your body.

This particular summary depends on how often you smoke, how much you smoke as well as your body weight and metabolic rate as well.

THC is fat soluble, and it will be stored inside your fatty tissue. Therefore, your fat cells will release it into your bloodstream continuously, which is not a good thing and that is why it stays in your body longer than any other drug.

However, you will still be able to pass a drug test without naturally cleansing yourself and getting rid of 100% of THC. The idea is to make it go below the test’s threshold, which is 50 mg/mL, and your test will be negative.

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How to Pass a Drug Screening?

  1. Diluted Urine

Have in mind that the method for passing a drug test is to find ways to dilute your urine so that levels can fall below the minimal point. The main problem with this particular process is that laboratory technicians will check out whether you tried to tamper with urine or not.

Therefore, they will know if you have drunk plenty of fluids because the diluted urine is colorless, and they will make you fail or repeat the test in short notice.

You will be able to use detoxification drinks that will remove THC from urine while preventing it from diluting. However, you have to make a comprehensive research before you make up your mind because detox drinks are expensive and some of them are not efficient enough.

Have in mind that water is important remedy that will help you flush out your system, but the worst thing that you can do is to overdo it because water may lead to fatality in large quantities.

The idea is to drink between two and four liters of water a few days before the test, and one liter a few hours before the screening.

After drinking plenty of liquids, your urine will have low levels of creatinine and it will become colorless, which is not good because administrators will notice it and make you repeat the test.

  • Avoid Exercise 24 Hours Before Test – It is important to be healthy and to work out on daily basis, but one day before the test, you should stop with it. We have mentioned above that THC is stored in fatty cells, which mean that by exercising you will make them shoot the levels of THC inside your bloodstream and that will affect the outcome of the test.
  • Middle Stream – During the procedure of peeing into a cup, you should remember that first and last parts of your streams feature large amounts of contaminants, which is why you should use the middle stream to fill it up.
  • Detox Drinks – When it comes to detox drinks, they can help you dilute the urine, but that is not enough to pass a test. However, have in mind that most of them feature vitamin B complex as well as creatine, which means that the urine will not be colorless and administrators will take it as a real thing. These products will help you pass the test on short notice, but you have to find the one, which is efficient.
  • Synthetic Urine – In case that you cannot detoxify naturally or by using drinks that will help you along the way, the way of passing the test is by using fake pee or synthetic urine. In case that you have high levels of fat, dilution won’t be as effective, which means that you will need much more time to cleanse your system. Then you should use someone else’s urine, but that could be problematic if you are conducting a test under supervision.

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As you can see from everything, we have mentioned above, you can consider numerous ways to pass a urine drug test, but you have to be prepared upfront. Synthetic urine is efficient way if you have 24 hours to pass a test and you cannot use other products to help you along the way.