Effective Amazon PPC Strategies to Improve Sales


With online marketing shifting its gears these days, as organizations we must be ready with our marketing strategies. Amazon coming up with its internal advertising system is an opportunity for all the third-party sellers. The Amazon advertising mechanism shall make a good deal of business for many sellers if the opportunity is approached the right way.

What is Amazon’s Plan?

Unveiling Amazon PPC is a fabulous strategy that third-party sellers can latch on to. As a seller, you can set up ad campaigns in such a way that the customers get your intended product yours even if there are other competitors available on the platform. 

Olifant Digital is a master in setting up PPC strategies for your Amazon Ad campaigns. We are the brand acceleration experts who can help increase your sales by at least 200%. We have an excellent track record of improving the sales numbers to 300% in 30 days.

Amazon’s Amazing Metrics

The Pay per Click advertising system is the same as the other SEO aspects. As the customer clicks the link of yours, you pay for it. While this being the system, Amazon has a few metrics to be displayed that can be used to make informed decisions. 

  • ACoS: It is called the Advertising Cost of Sales. What percentage of money is spent on attributed sales is the metric all about. Your ACos shall be 20% if you had spent $4 to make a sale of $20. 
  • Attributed Sales: This is another metric that you must be interested to know. The number of sales that have happened in a week. You can view this report every week and make some good decisions on the product you sell or the strategy you implement.
  • Brand Impression: This is a metric that is required for you to know how many times your brand and product was displayed as the user searched in Amazon’s product platform.
  • Clicks: You will get to know the number of clicks your products have undergone and how many clicks were invalid shall also be present in the report. 

Strategies to use PPC effectively to increase sales

Amazon is a well-known and brilliant platform for online sales. Projecting your product for selling is an incredible idea. To latch on to Amazon’s PPC to work in your favor, you can start working on the negative keywords to narrow down your customers.www.olifantdigital.com shall help you a lot in this aspect.

For you to know the negative keywords to be used in your Ad campaigns, you must get the usual keyword list from Amazon and use the same for your benefit. The usual search using the keywords shall give general search items. 

Once the negative keywords are used, the usual irrelevant search items may not be displayed and give the customer the right search results. This shall help the organization reduce a lot of costs in PPC.


It is not about the strategies, but about vigil over the keywords that shall make your sales number go high. The list of usual keywords shall be of great help and keep getting those reports updated every month. Based on it, you can alter the usage of negative keywords.