Ensure the safety of your vehicle with MOT test


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If you own a car, you would know the importance of maintenance of the car. It is necessary that you keep your car in a roadworthy condition. It is important to check the roadworthiness of the car in the interest of road safety as well as the environment. It can be done by performing a test called MOT. Mot is a test where they check some items of the car to ensure that they are meeting the legal requirements. It is very important to ensure that your car is working in the way it should and get mot tested Dartford for vehicles that are older than 3 years.

Critical aspects of Mot test

  • Under the mot test, the body of the car, as well as its general features, are checked to ensure that there is no corrosion or damage in the car.
  • Electric sockets, engine mountings, and repairs and modifications are verified to ensure that the vehicle is in good working condition.
  • The pipes and fuel systems are also checked to detect any leakages. The fuel cap is also examined to see that it is closed tight.
  • Mot test also gives importance to the environment safety. Hence, it also checks the exhaust emissions of the vehicle. It will ensure that the emissions are as per the allowed levels based on the type of fuel used and the age of the vehicle.

Reasons for cars failing the mot test

  • If the screen of the car is not topped up, you can fail the test, and hence, it is necessary to ensure that it is topped up.
  • If the car is dirty or is covered in clutter, you are failing the mot test. Try to keep your car clean of any possible mess.
  • A registration plate is an important part of any vehicle, and if there is any problem with it like, the plate uses incorrect spacing or the plate is missing/ defected.