Extraction of fumes produced by welding and cutting has importance


Extraction at source is the most efficient solution in the case of fumes generated by welding or thermal cutting. Due to its ease of use method and simple characteristics, it has become an efficient and effective method system of removing and capturing welding fumes. The use of this method reduces the risk of exposure to fumes to which the welder and other operators are exposed.

Proper air flow through the extraction arm and a conscientious welder who positions the arm hood correctly ensures a safe and clean working environment. The necessary elements to achieve an adequate collection of welding fumes at source are a fan and a properly positioned Solder fume extractor.

Extraction integrated into the torch

As an alternative to the extraction arms, it is possible to use the welding fume extraction system integrated in the MIG torch itself. These systems are effectively designed for industrial uses. The arms can be installed in portable filter units and centralized systems. The systems are available for cases in which a user works individually. Or for those installations that require hundreds of operators. The extraction of fumes in the torch itself protects the health of welders.

Source extraction is the most effective way to capture and eliminate smoke. Choose the most effective solution for your workplace. Your choice depends on how you are going to use the extraction and how often you are going to use it. Other extraction methods could be vacuum tables and extractor hoods.

Origin of hazardous fumes and gas

The origin of these contaminants is found in the welded material, the supplied material, and in the air that constitutes the environment of the weld zone. The elimination of the risks produced by exposure to these pollutants requires that the fumes and gases do not reach the respiratory zone. Or, if they do, they have been previously diluted using localized extraction systems or general ventilation. Solder fume extractor captures contaminants by aspiration as close as possible to their point of emission. Thus avoiding their diffusion into the environment. And therefore eliminating the possibility of inhalation.


Flexible articulated arms will be used for the sections of conduit in each welding station. Its function is the aspiration of contaminants in a localized way, with the advantage of vacuuming only the minimum necessary flow of air / contaminant mixture. It has a complete system of supports and joints to achieve excellent performance in translation and rotation movements.