Few Reasons Why People Prefer to Contact a Broker While Shipping Their Vehicle


While relocating to a new city or country, you can decide to move all your stuff through a mover, however for your vehicles like car or motorcycle you have to consider a different arrangement.

There are many transporters available who can ship your car however, instead of contacting a transporter, and you must have better deal with a transport broker like Ship a Car, Inc. We will discuss in this article about various benefits of using a broker when shipping your motorcycle or car.

1.    Brokers are connected with a wider transport network

Most brokers are well connected with a larger network of transporters. Also, they usually have got better knowledge about the vehicle shipping and can always offer a better service as compared to any transporters.

Usually, an individual transporter will have a limited number of trailers and they can make the booking for a limited number of vehicles. As a result, the waiting time will usually be much longer. Brokers on the other hand can find some transporters out of their network.

2.    Offers insurance coverage

Understanding the different types of coverage levels is quite complex and overwhelming too. Based on cargo being shipped, the present federal law requires that all motorcycle transport carriers must have specific insurance coverage.

While all carriers have to carry liability insurance, but this insurance type may not cover the actual vehicle damage. Therefore, you will need extra cargo insurance to cover the damage because of a certain rare shipping accident.

Most motorcycle transport brokers will be well versed in all these different types of insurance hence they can explain all your options, share their recommendations and offer you peace of mind by knowing that your bike will be covered and you will not be responsible for unnecessary repairs cost of a few hundred of dollars due to an accident that may occur in transit.

3.    Reduced time for shipping

Finding different transporters and comparing their cost may be too time-consuming for you when you will be busy with many other things during your movement. You can save that time with transport brokers.

They will take all the pain of contacting various transporters and collect quotations from them and offer you the best price.

4.    Affordable price

Transport brokers have a connection with many transporters and hence they can arrange for transporting your vehicle at the best price. They can contact any of the transporters of their network and learn about the availability of transport and based on that they will offer you an affordable price.

5.    Better customer  service

They will provide you a representative who will guide you at every stage while preparing your vehicle for transporting. As industry experts, also they are aware of all the details about car and motorcycle shipping, hence they can offer you the best advice while planning for any vehicle shipment, and also tell you the pros and cons about different carriers.

They can also handle better any emergency situations. For example, if any carrier ever breaks down or gets into an accident then brokers can arrange for another carrier.