Filelinked for Android TV


Android TV is the most popular TV box available right now. It is because both Android phones and TVs are based on same platform. It means you can install Android phone apps and games on your Android TV box. Therefore, you have vast number of TV apps and games available for TV.

However, you can’t install any Android app or game on your TV box. There are many apps and games that are developed only to work with touch screens. Some apps use phone sensors like accelerometer to its functions. TVs does not have them. You can use some touch only apps on your TV using an external mouse and keyboard. But it is not 100% practical. Many developed TV version of their Android app or game work seamlessly with TV remote. You can play Android games on your TV box using game controller or game pad easily.

Filelinked TV store

Just like on phones many awesome apps and games are not available on play store. There are many free Movies and TV shows apps that are not available on Play Store TV app. Same goes with Amazon Fire TV devices. You won’t be able to find many movies, TV shows, live TV and other streaming apps on Amazon App store too.

Is it feasible to use Android phone app stores like AC Market on TVs? Not at all. Because phone app stores like AC Market and Aptoide has only Android phone apps and games. There are many TV only apps and games, those are not available on those app stores. You have to use TV box app stores. There are not many TV app stores. Filelinked, Aptoide TV and APKTime are the best available app store for TV boxes.

Aptoide TV is good for Android TV boxes without play store. Because it offers Play store TV apps and games. If you want to install app or game only available for phones, Aptoide TV is the best choice. When you search your favorite app on Aptoide TV, it shows show categories of results. One that is compatible with your TV and other is all results. All results show apps that are available on their library. You can install them and try.

Filelinked is a different story. Unlike any other app store, you can access to apps and games just by installing this app. You have to find correct Filelinked code for each store. Filelinked does not maintain apps and games. Users all around the world create their own collection of TV apps and games using Filelinked and share their Filelinked code with others. You can also create your own store and add your favorite apps like Clean master