How can you prevent signature frauds in today’s online world?


In today’s world of high profile security and enhanced guarding of everything that we know there is a significant need of securing digital documents. Cyber security have advanced to a rate which is now unimaginable to think of anything without cyber security. From passwords to online pin numbers everything needs to be verified and secured otherwise fraudulent activities might tamper with the data and thus would lead to serious trouble for you. These frauds are not at all uncommon and happen each and every day to everyone’s knowledge. Securing anything online would be the best way to prevent such occurrences striking you. But these days online documents too need the verification and secure check up for everyone to prove its authenticity. For this very reason digital signatures have come to terms with the online world.

What is digital signature?

A digital signature is just the virtual version of any conventional signature that we do to authenticate any document. From checks to land deeds everything binds by signatures. These signatures tend to be so much important to us. But digital documents cannot be verified by using hard copy signatures which is why digital signatures are needed. Digital signatures are an advanced and more virtual version of the hard copy signatures which is exactly the same but that it needs an authentic certificate for it to be counted. Any digital signatures must have a certificate verifying its legality and thus saving anyone from online fraud. This is because for each unique signature there must be a unique certificate claiming its authenticity. These unique certificates are what keeps us protected. This is a very helpful concept and have created much anticipated verification of online documents way easier than before. The traditional ways of checking for the authenticity of documents have now been scrapped by the digital signature certificates.

How digital signatures help us in real life?

Real life signatures do not have any certificate to prove its authenticity and uniqueness. A professional signature copyist can easily copy your signature which is why these kind of signatures aren’t what we should trust in today’s world of vicious cyber crimes and real life check frauds. With the unique certificates we would be legally binded by our signatures that is each signature possessing unique certificates and thus the security is automatically being made available to us. Now when a cyber fraud would try to emulate the digital signature he would be caught almost instantly due to the unique certificate not being available to him. This way digital check frauds and other frauds have come way down from a significant number which is a huge win for everyone.

How signature frauds can be mitigated?

Digital signatures possess unique certificates which binds each other and if someone wants to go for a signature fraud then he must possess both he signature as well the certificate corresponding to it. You can create digital signature online by providing your personal details and once completed you will be served with your digital signature.