How does HDPE Liner Installation CQA work?


HDPE geomembrane liners are the chosen product for lining installations. HDPE is strong and resistant to various kinds of solvents and because of its versatility, it is the most widely used liner in the world. 

Less flexible than LLDPE, it shows higher strength and can withstand higher temperature which makes it cost effective. HDPE is a reliable material that is used in many applications. HDPE can also be used in a mining business and installations of woods.

How to install HDPE Liner Installation CQA

  • Installing HDPE liners needs surface preparation of HDPE Geomembrane. The main contractor is the party mainly responsible for surface preparation and in maintaining the surface for the right land condition before the installation of geomembrane liner. 
  • It is recommended that the foundation area for flexible membrane liners shall be smooth and free of projections that might damage the liner. To do this, all stumps, roots, trees and vines shall be removed. Rocks, stones coarse gravel shall be removed or rolled away to keep the smooth surface ready for HDPE Liner Installation CQA
  • Further, the soil must be compressed to follow the design specifications and include a stable base to support the equipment and necessary vehicle weight. It is also required for the area to be free of standing water.
  • Basically, the surface to be lined shall be smooth and free from sharp objects like thorns, nails debris, roots,or any object which may damage the geomembrane. It has to be 100% smooth and clean. The surface will provide a firm foundation for the geotextile and geomembrane.
  • The entire area shall consist of well-checked material, free of organics, trash, clay, thorns, sharp objects, nails, or other harmful materials that may cause damage to the geomembrane. It has to be double checked to protect the geomembrane from any rapture. 

It is absolutely helpful to set guidelines as a standard for anyone considering an installation of HDPE products. First of all, strict standards can reduce cost by avoiding geomembrane cutting or unnecessary mistakes.To avoid such troubles, installers must test several samples of the area. A physical testing of the soil may be called for to give correct recommendations before the installation. Following the guidelines set for HDPE liner installation is always the best way to start any geomembrane project elsewhere. Your topnotch engineering skills are required in this kind of project.