How Team Building Activities Bring People Together


Letting Employees Shine Through Healthy Competition

Most individuals who have worked in an office setting know that a day away from the desk and meetings to embark on retreat activities is mostly a welcomed idea. Of course, there are those naysayers that really don’t want to participate in team-building activities at first, but once the day is over, they realize how effective the exercise really is and how it impacts office affairs following. The key to these activities is ensuring that they are fun, competitive and outside of the office setting. The more that employees get to know each other in a setting other than the typical cubicle experience, the more they will gain from the activities presented.

Increasing Communication

Many times, employees from one department don’t even know the employees from another. In each department, there are always going to be clusters of individuals who group together. However, frequently, communication outside of these cliques is rare, and problems can arise internally because of this. Team building activities increase communication. They allow employees to socialize and network with each other, while at the same time learning their strengths and weaknesses. This is beneficial to the office setting because that knowledge will transmit to day to day affairs.

Healthy Competition in Team Building

Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition and bragging rights? Team building activities are supposed to be fun. Although they may seem goofy at first to some people, once they get into motion they have a chance to increase their motivation. Using activities that inspire creativity and innovation, and then making the point of how this is effective in the office can really make an impact. Healthy competition and bragging rights, especially when there is incentive involved really help team members to push themselves to accomplish an objective, which can make a difference in project management.

Improve Team Performance

There are many reasons why team-building experiences should be implemented in the workplace. First, it increases the concept of a team within the office. Second, a day away from the office doing something fun can regenerate each employee. Taking a day away from the grind is never a bad idea if you can afford to pause your output for a day. Finally, each employee will walk away with a different understanding of each other, and office relations typically end up fostering into healthier work relationships once individuals’ network and socialize outside stressful circumstances.

Different People, Different Skills

Having activities that encourage different skills to be used is important. Not everyone is good at mechanics, problem-solving, leading, or following instructions. Having skill building activities that are fun can lead to individuals demonstrating their skills, which when needed in the office environment, this intrapersonal knowledge can be useful. Most employers will go for trust-building activities and such, but when you reinforce skills and development that can carry into the workday, individuals will feel more like a part of a team because they are able to let their individual strengths shine.

Getting Everyone Involved

Team building is an excellent way to get office workers to get to know each other, and to get to know themselves. Although some individuals will groan at the thought of these experiences, having unique offerings that will allow for them to have fun, be competitive and socialize in a different setting can be a welcomed change of pace. Offering friendly incentives for team work is important too. Often there are those who will take charge and take on more of a lead, while some will hold back. Having experiences that will allow all members to play a role is important. Ensuring that these activities are unique will boost team performance in the office, and the productivity that comes out of it is well worth a day out of the office.