How to choose the right architect for your commercial project?


As you start your commercial design plan – whether it’s a retail shopping center, restaurant project, or a remodel of an existing office tower or a hotel, one of the critical and time consuming steps is selecting the ideal commercial architect. You need to be very careful in your choice or else you will end up spending over budget on the design you don’t love. By making use of below steps to find the right architect, you can now ensure that your upcoming project goes smoothly.

Utilize online resources

You can do simple Google search to identify details on business bureau ratings and other complaints related to architects. Third party websites are also great resource for getting information of customer experiences with an architectural firm. Many organizations maintain their work portfolio online, so that people can access to their past projects, architect’s job performance, and companies’ inside information, etc. Make a good list of commercial architects in your area and review their website to get a feel for the personality of the company and their design projects.

Ask others

Though you might get all details online, it’s always worthwhile to ask friends, family members or others in the industry about their past experiences or what level of service did the firm offer to them?, etc. Seek help from a pro in a field related to construction, such as general contractor, interior designer, or engineer, who can help you to go in the right direction.


How many years has the firm been in the business? How many projects they’ve handled in the past successfully? What is their track record in your location? These questions can help you to determine whether they can handle the type of the project you need.  Work with the professional who is very much familiar with your local building regulations and codes. Ensure to choose the certified firm and professionals, who are well aware of the latest digital tools and offer you computerized plans so that you can make changes easier and faster.


Vivid and detailed plans means there is less chance for misleads. Technology is no direct replacement for direct communication and you need to have face-to-face conversation with a commercial architect to get to know them better, before committing to any business deal.

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