How to determine you have been offered the Desired Internet Speed?


We have been residing in an era where consumer rights have been deemed of great importance. You would come across a world of internet companies that claim to offer you adequate speeds. However, most of these companies might fail to deliver on the speeds that you actually pay for. The question to ponder upon would be how to receive adequate speed for your internet needs.

Daniel Dulake delves on some important steps that you could take to make sure the speeds that you get are actually the speeds that you should be receiving. You may come across a wide number of methods where you could tackle the issue. However, it would be imperative that they should be followed in proper order.

You should rest assured that by the end, you would have a decent idea on how to fix any potential problem in the best manner possible.

Are you being offered the desired internet speed?

Foremost, you should ensure that you are not actually being offered the speeds you contemplate you are being offered. You could be offered a letter, contract, or email stating about your minimum speeds, estimated speeds, or up to speeds. Regardless, what they have been offering you, it would be imperative to find it. You should rest assured that it would help you have a comprehensive understanding of the speeds that you should be receiving.

In the event of you being unsure, a quick call to your internet service provider could help you receive the requisite information that you have been searching for. After you become aware, Daniel Dulake lays emphasis on ensuring that you were not perplexed by the available numbers.

How is the speed advertised to you?

The internet providers would often advertise their respective speeds in mbps and not in MB/s. It would be pertinent to mention here that MB/s has been for megabytes and mbps would be for megabits. It may appear largely confusing. The best mode to understand it would be that mbps has been in lowercase and hence, it would be the smaller number. On the other hand, MB is in capital letters and hence, the bigger number.

How big is MB than mbps?

MB has been deemed as eight-time bigger than mbps. It implies that in the event of you running a speed test and you receiving eight times slower speed than you actually think you should be getting, it would be in your best interest to check thoroughly that you were not getting mixed up.