How to Double Your Business Sales in a New Environment


If you are in manufacturing, are the sales of the company impressive? Did you meet your targets the previous financial year? If the answer to one or the two questions above is “no,” it is time to rethink your marketing model. To help you out, we will tell you about the three main strategies that you can use to increase and double the sales of your enterprise.

Build a Referral Program

It is true that reaching a new market and winning new customers is never easy, but did you know that these customers can be used as a stepping stone for more sales? Since the customers you have already won have used your products and know the benefits, they can help convince others to buy. To make your referral system to work more effectively, consider motivating your clients with something, such as discounts on their future purchases.

Increase Customer Engagement

Studies have demonstrated that most potential clients are willing to buy more if you increase customer engagement. Unlike in the past, when customers would watch an ad and make a decision to buy, the modern client is different. The customers of today want you to prove to them why your company is the right option to buy from and not others. One way of doing this is building communities and enhancing customer engagement.

Increasing customer engagement means they take more time on your website, pages, and with your products. In the end, they become loyal customers you can count on to drive sales and company success. Make sure to take advantage of social media to grow engagement and make your clients feel part of the company. You can also link clients to your blog and create social media groups for greater engagement.

Stay Ahead of Competitors: Iskander Makhmudov

When you venture into new markets, be it in your country or offshore jurisdictions, the chances are that other companies offering similar products are already there. To increase sales, you have to understand the competitors and craft good strategies to stay ahead of them. For example, what products are they offering? Then try to look for ways to offer something better.

One company that has managed to maintain high sales all the time is Ural Metallurgical and Mining Company (UMMC), a Russian company started by Iskander Makhmudov. According to Makhmudov,starting a company is only the beginning of a long journey to success. The most important part is how you steer it through competition. At UMMC, no effort is spared, including making the best products and offering them at affordable prices.

As we have demonstrated in this post, the success you can achieve with your manufacturing company is dependent on the ability to sell more to increase revenue and profits. The three strategies we have listed above are only a few of what you can use to double sales. Other strategies you might want to explore are developing a good brand position, building partnerships, and exploring additional markets.