How to fit an underfloor safe?

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An underfloor safe is a steel box with a secure door attached at the top – great if you’re looking to enhance security within your home or business. But how easy are they to fit?

Underfloor safes, like the ones eSafes supply, are relatively simple to install, enabling you to keep valuable possessions well-hidden. eSafes provide a wide range of underfloor safes – including brands such as Burton Safes, Churchill Safes, Dudley Safes and Phoenix Safes, as well as various sizes and insurance ratings – which can be fitted within 5-6 hours.

To install an underfloor safe, you need:

  • kango (concrete jack hammer)
  • steel saw
  • wheelbarrow for mixing concrete
  • shovel
  • trowel
  • polythene membrane
  • concrete mix
  • spirit level


Installation of underfloor safes in 10 simple steps:

  1. Start by removing anything that covers the floor to expose the concrete underneath.
  2. Decide where you’re going to conceal the safe and mark out an area at least 150mm wider than the footprint of the safe.
  3. Cut through the concrete with a steel saw and excavate to a depth of 75mm more than the total depth of the safe, using the kango.
  4. Angle the sides of the hole outwards by 50mm to allow concrete to merge into the edge of the safe.
  5. Fit a polyethene membrane to resist corrosion and add a water resistant additive before covering the base with 100mm of concrete mix.
  6. Lifting the safe by the top plate, lower it into the centre of the excavated hole until it’s level with the ground surface.
  7. Use a spirit level to ensure the underfloor safe is installed level.
  8. Add concrete in 100mm layers, working each one into the previous layer with a trowel. Continue to do this until the concrete at the edges is at floor level.
  9. Make sure the lid of the safe fits nicely (preferably before the concrete sets in case you need to make adjustments).
  10. Leave the concrete to dry and skim over the top to level and smooth it off. You then need to wait 7 days before you can use the safe.


eSafes safe removal and installation service

Why not let eSafes make the process of fitting an underfloor safe easier for you? They have the knowledge and expertise to remove safes quickly and can relocate them, dispose of them or install new ones to accommodate your exact needs. Find out more about safe removal and installation here.

Leaving the experts to fit an underfloor safe, you can rest assured knowing that there’s no compromise made to the quality or value of your safe and eSafes ensure it’s installed correctly, allowing you to keep cash and small high-value items out of sight of opportunistic criminals.

For more information about installing an underfloor safe, don’t hesitate to contact eSafes on 0800 7832 830 or email today. They will be more than happy to share their expertise, helping you to fit your safe without difficulty.