How To Integrate Content Strategy With Social Media Marketing And Email Marketing


A Hong Kong based business when implementing digital marketing strategies, it should often integrate content strategy with social media marketing and email marketing. The even better version of it is to make use of tools. Internet (or digital) marketing that is integrated with a pragmatic local content strategy, should include content organization, content development, social media distribution and email marketing (with campaign automation).

Content organization: Create your content and have their draft versions saved on Evernote, Trello, etc. Your content creation team can share the edited content among them on these online content sharing tools. You should also create the localized content that may engage Hong kong (HK) audience.

Content development: Use Contently, Skyword, etc. They are tools that can help you create your content quicker. There are also other artificial intelligence based content creation or development tools.

Social media distribution: Use HootSuite, Buffer, etc to distribute your created content to multiple platforms of social media sites. For example in Hong Kong, users would most often use Instagram and Facebook as their two most popular social media platforms when sharing and messaging. Your marketing team should take full advantage of this fact.

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Email marketing: Use MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Getresponse, etc. To manage all the email sending, replying, tagging, scoring, subscription, and more, you cannot rely only on Outlook. You will need tools that allow email campaign automation, so your marketing team’s hands are free.

One trap is that some marketers would rely too much on tools, and would have forgotten the basics in content marketing and social media marketing. Most tools would have improved your marketing operation’s daily productivity. But there is only so much productivity that you can improve. At the end of the day, there are always many touch points in which the marketers need to make decisions. The general knowledge (about the Hong Kong local audience) and past experience in your industry would prove to be vital and will play nicely to give you’re a successful content and social campaign.

Your marketing team may be regularly posting on social media platforms such as Facebook. When posting content, you should be often posting with photos which are more attractive and engaging than purely text. It is important to fill in accurate information on your Facebook business about page such as opening hours and Hong Kong business location. Whenever it is possible, update the page to provide the information when your main products are out of inventory.