How to manage your food truck business in 2021


Restaurant sales have witnessed a sharp decline in 2020 following the outbreak of Covid-19. However, as per the latest report from the food truck industry is outgrowing the restaurant industry, 5.5 to 4.3%. In this scenario, how you manage your food truck business in 2021 assumes great significance.

5 tips to manage your food truck business effectively

Effective branding is the key – To grab the attention of the public, come up with a unique theme for your brand. To make it more appealing, paint the exteriors of your food truck with graphics that publicise your theme. Make sure that your employees wear uniform that supports your theme. Besides that market your brand through online avenues and social media. 

Add organic food to your menu – In the post pandemic world, customers have become more conscious about healthy food options. Food materials that are sustainably sourced and farmed with renewable resources have found increasing acceptance among youth. Hindubusinessline reports that organic food market is growing 17% annually.  Try to add organic dishes to your menu. In your marketing campaigns, highlight the feature of organic menu options.

Get listed on third party ordering platforms – In addition to your food truck business, offer customers the option to order your food online as well. Get listed on third party food delivery party food delivery platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Managing orders from various platforms can be easily streamlined now with the help of restaurant management Software such as inresto POS. It also offers valuable insights such as the dishes that are in demand, sales figures across periods etc.   

Come up with combo meals – Introduce a variety of combo offers that make it irresistible to food lovers. The prices should be fixed in such a manner that a high priced item is sold along with a low priced item. An example would be clubbing an Italian Pizza with chocolate ice cream.  

Move around your food truck – In certain locations, the sales of your food truck may not touch the expected figures. In such situations move the truck to a different locality. Unlike a restaurant, the biggest advantage of food truck is that your business is not limited to a particular locality.

Parting Words 

Globally, food businesses are adapting to the new normal. The 5 tips discussed above will help you immensely in managing your food truck business.