How to maximise office space in 2020

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Could 2020 be the year you transform your office into a flexible environment that encourages all employees to work productively?

Although many businesses still opt for open plan office designs, why be limited? It’s often more practical to be able to divide space up – perhaps your employees need more privacy, a quieter environment to finish a project, or maybe you just need a meeting space? Whatever the reason, with a movable wall systems you keep all your options open.

5 tips to help you maximise office space in the new year:

  1. Create an efficient layout

If you’re unhappy with the layout of your office, it’s worth taking a few minutes to evaluate the current setup – decide what works and what requires improvement.

If equipment like printers and copiers are causing a distraction, you might want to move them somewhere else, preferably somewhere easily accessible to everyone.

Rearranging the office to make it more stylish and up to date is a fantastic idea – not only to inspire your workforce but to give new clients the right impression of your business.

  1. Encourage collaboration

Something else to think about in 2020 is maximising the available space. If you have room, why not split your staff into teams or departments? Create a collaborative space for them to work together, share ideas and communicate easily without distracting others in the office.

When it comes to dividing the office, you can’t go wrong with movable walls from reputable suppliers such as AEG Partitions. A movable partition wall gives you the flexibility to adapt your office – creating one large space, or individual rooms, on demand.

  1. Control light and sound

A poorly lit room can hamper productivity, as can loud noise. But there are simple ways  to combat this, including acoustic movable walls.

Great for creating the illusion of extra space, movable walls can be installed by AEG’s experienced fitters in just a few hours – allowing you to create a private area for meetings or group discussions. Acoustic movable walls offer the same functionality of partitions but with the added benefit of soundproofing properties – providing the ultimate solution for a professional work environment.

  1. Invest in adaptable furniture

If space is at a premium, there are many clever ways you can use furniture to maximise floor space. Modular furniture is designed to fit almost anywhere within your office and takes up minimal space. As well as this, some modular seating comes with power modules – perfect for keeping cables out of sight.

Stackable furniture is ideal for temporary staff or meetings and can also free up space in restricted areas.

  1. Use clever storage solutions

Desks can quickly look cluttered with notepads, pens, sticky notes – not to mention important paperwork. These items are better stored in an under the desk drawer or filing cabinet where they can be kept organised and be easily located by other members of the team.

Need to know more about maximising office space in 2020? Feel free to get in touch with AEG Partitions on 07547 125 493 or 07419 292 883. If you’ve any questions about movable walls, you can also email and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.