How to Select the Best Transcription Service Online?


Should the price of transcription a go-to factor to choose from different transcription services? A big no, there are more factors involved in a transcription service that can make one better from another for your task. 

Some transcription services rely on automated systems for transcription and some on the capability of humans. There are limitations to both methods, making hiring a best online transcription services for you complicated. 

Here is what you can do to filter the best transcription services: 

Finding the Transcription Service That’s Just Right

The cost of transcription service hugely depends on whether service provides an automated or human transcription solution. Furthermore, you might have a security concern when it comes to potentially sensitive information and that is surely going to cost you more. You need to choose online transcription services that satisfy your needs such as cost, security, etc. 

Accuracy Standards and Accuracy Options

There is no doubt that ASR is the perfect choice when it comes to transcribing the MP3 file in a short amount of time. ASR solution and algorithm provide speed with 80% accuracy, which is impressive. Still, you are going to spend a lot of time proofreading. There are things that ASR did not account for such as-

  • Accents, Stammer, Or False Start.
  • Poor Quality Audio or Too Much Background Noise
  • Different Audio

Another problem it may use wrong words depending on context and syntax, as the ASR algorithm did not account for such things.  

On the other hand, human transcription services are costly but superior in terms of accuracy and standards and they are quick too, not on ASR level, of course. You can take a premium account of any online transcription services and get 99% -100% at a reasonable amount. 

Level Of Detail You Need

Going for an automated service or human transcribing depends on the level of details you require. Human transcriber offers more flexibility when it comes to the following: 

  • Full Verbatim 
  • Verbatim 
  • Detailed Notes Extras 

How Secure A Transcription Service Is?

Transcribing a data that is already in a public domain, might not require extreme security. However, that is not always a case especially when it comes to businesses. You need a certain level of trust that service you are ethical in handling data. Here is what you can do to filter secure transcription services. 

  • Check If They Have an ISO Certification
  • Choose Online Transcription Services with A Secure Https Web Address with Encrypted Portals and Storage. 
  • If Possible, Always Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).