How to Use Roll Guard Cradles


Packaging remains an important aspect of product delivery. But packaging products with irregular shapes can be stressful and risky. Previous attempts to find a solution to this problem have culminated in adopting roll guards. These guard cradles are the perfect protection and support for transporting different sizes and shapes of products.

Stacking products one on another in the famous pyramid style increases the risk of damages and the difficulty of handling. But with suitable guard cradles, you can safely transport any product within the size range.

4 Steps to Use Roll Guard Cradles in Packaging

Although they are easy to use, roll guards require special care during storage and use to achieve maximum benefit. These four steps are necessary:

  • Place the lower cradle on a level surface: Guard cradles are built to specific sizes that fit the intended product. Place the cradle on a flat and even surface. A flat surface is necessary to avoid tilts and wrong placement. A slight tilt can undermine the safety of the product. Let’s say you’re placing a cylindrical roll. First, you have to place the lower guard cradle on the floor and ensure that the cradle is not imbalanced.
  • Place the product on the cradle: Carefully place the product into the cradle. Care is necessary at this stage to prevent weakening the cradle with the product’s weight. Although cradles are reinforced, repeated trauma while placing the product might compromise the entire process.
  • Place the other cradles around or above the product: Carefully place the other cradles around or on the product. Ensure that the edges fit into the roll guards without slacking. There must bel no space for slacking as that can cause unnecessary movement.
  • Stack the products closely to create a compound effect: Arrange the packed products side-by-side. A compact arrangement creates a compound effect and prevents individual products from falling out of formation.

Benefits of Guard Cradles

Using guard cradles to transport your products can significantly lower the risks of damage during transportation. Guard cradles provide cushioning for your products, absorbing the impact of nudges caused by mechanical movement.

Guard cradles also absorb moisture without dripping. Moisture may accumulate during transportation. Moisture can damage water-sensitive products, but that risk is significantly lowered with guard cradles. The compactness of guard cradles allows the easy handling of goods with irregular shapes.

Goods transportation is generally safer and easier using guard cradles. Your business can benefit immensely from using them.