How Your Window Air Conditioner Functions?


Let’s check out how a window AC works:

  • Window AC will be mounted on the top of the home window to ensure that cool air, being hefty, clears up descending, and hence, creating its own great airflow cycle. For instance, an opening is already offered in the wall surface for its installation, then better to like the same area. 

Don’t forget about regular AC unit tune-ups to maintain it functioning smoothly.

  • The home window measurements of a 1.5 T air conditioner are 660 × 430 mm as well as deepness may vary from 700-780 depending on the star score, i.e., in five stars the added volume needed for the condenser is accomplished by raising the depth.
  • For listed below 1.5 T, some brands have kept the home window measurements whereas others have reduced size. In such a case, before getting or shipment one needs to customize the window by putting aluminum/wooden panel so that installing is protected on all three sides. Otherwise, the installment specialist will install it on two sides and fill up the gap on the third side with some cardboard for insulation. This might become a source of resonance in the future.
  • For condenser air conditioning, the air is sucked from 3 sides and if the space is not sufficient as recommended by the manufacturer, then the performance of the condenser will be affected. Air conditioning manufacturers suggest 200 mm on right as well as left and 100 mm on the top. If you browse the setup of air conditioning, you will discover this need is not observed in a number of the installations.
  • For smooth flow of the condensate to the drainpipe, the AC installment is with an inclination to have a gap of 10mm up at the front bottom. Take care to make sure smooth circulation of condensate to the drain otherwise you will experience rusting issues after 3 to 5 years.
  • Prevent autumn of direct sunshine over the condenser as it is most likely to influence the condenser performance during the peak summer season as well as you will experience inadequate cooling. For this, it is better to have a sunshade on top of the window air conditioner. For this, place on the top of the window is chosen to ensure that sunshade can be mounted. Beware that in some cases the void is used by pigeons to make a nest.

For maintenance and protection of your system, please contact the link.