Is it Possible to Avoid Paying Taxes in Australia?


I have always been enthusiastic in my life to manifest people how to pay less taxes lawfully. Being a decade long tax auditor at the Australian taxation office, gave me a stimulated passion for reducing the tax burden of Australian’s everywhere. According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) statistics, about 14 million tax returns they receive each year are massive.

In a similar fashion, in the recent article published in the Guardian, a curious drift has come to notify that the wealthy are paying fewer taxes than they ever had paid, because they know how to leverage loopholes in the tax structure in Australia. A few tycoons have indeed overseen to pay 0$ in charge of their wage through lawful techniques and strategies, an increment once more from past a long time. Thousands of high-income earners learned how to pay fewer taxes legitimately, getting their wage underneath the tax-free edge.

In another article posted by Sydney morning herald, Petro Martin reported that of the 56 top earners, only two paid income tax. Several millionaires managed to escape taxes on their income, properties, and offshore entities by adopting tax-avoiding tactics because the wealthy have a vested interest in protecting their wealth.

The strategies and techniques they employ are not solely for them and can be utilized by all Australians. How. By following a few legal and simple steps, it is possible to protect your wealth by paying less taxes.

  1. Create Tax-Efficient Structures: This is the most common way to help people save their money. Tax-efficiency refers to structuring an investment so that it receives the least possible taxation. There are a variety of ways to obtain tax efficiency when investing in public markets. A tax-pair can open an income-producing account whereby the investment income is tax-differed. Any dividends or capital gains earned from the investment are automatically re-invested in the account, which continues to grow tax differed until with-drawls are made.

2 & 3. Model the Super-Rich: This step involves how the super-wealthy setup their tax structures. Using offshores entities and foundations, using a non-resident status of international destinations, setting a tax-efficient business structure, and valuing tax-accountant assistance, Aussies can legally pay nothing on their tax bills.

  1. Claim All You Can: Once Albert Einstein said, the hardest thing to understand is the word is the tax-income. In Australia, if you have a trust set up, you can claim courses and classes and re-associated expanses. As long as they are directly related to running your business, most expenses can be claimed on your return.
  2. Create Offshore Structure: The tax auditor focuses on continuing the trend of creating separation between you and your money. The auditor helps high-income earners learn how to pay fewer taxes by establishing their businesses internationally to escape the truly outrageous tax rates in Australia. This is how thousands of Australians are reducing their tax burden by doing business overseas. By abiding by the Transferer Trust rules, the Central Management and Control rules, and the controlled foreign country rules, the Australian can drastically cut their tax bill.