Know all the Benefits of Silicone Rubber


Silicone rubber is a major sealing material in several industries and segments which comprise of electronics, automotive, healthcare, aerospace and more. Because of its amazing and optimal qualities, silicone rubber is more or less used in a variety of applications. Companies use several complicated technologies to avail benefits of silicone sealing abilities, producing everything from normal seals to the most complicated parts. Here are the major advantages of silicone rubber which you should know when choosing a sealing material:

Top notch sealing material

Famous for its remarkable thermal stability, silicone rubber can easily stand extremely low and high temperatures. During extreme low temperature, silicone maintains its flexibility, proving to be the most optimal option for application in all types of temperature environments.

Apart from temperature resistance, silicone has a resistant property too for several other applications which comprise of chemicals, acids, bases, fungus as well as water and oil. Even with such high resistant feature, the rubber is non-toxic and is a perfect sealing material for consume items and medical instruments.

Sterilization Capabilities

Silicone rubber enjoys compatibility with FDA rules and can bear several sterilization approaches. Some of the methods include steam autoclaving, dry heating, gamma beams, electron radiations and ethylene oxide. The sterilization approaches permit silicone to be used in the healthcare industry and be marked as a medical standard material.

Compression set of rubber compounds can be fixed with Compression Set Apparatus, it is required whenever you are setting a rubber based apparatus.

There are several companies which use silicone rubber as a top sealing material for medicinal purposes, engineering parts, dialyzer sealant, medical pumps, feeding equipment, IV devices and implant components. The sterile silicone rubber seals for medical level are tested and sent out for use in the healthcare industry.

Highly versatile

Silicone rubber [ยาง ซิ ลิ โคน, which is the term in Thai] is simple to mold and personalize, making it perfect for custom molded shapes and particular applications with specific requirements. When you slightly adjust the compound recipe, the seal can get higher resistant features, such as temperature and water resistance. You can manufacture is translucent or just any color you want, even glowing in the night. As it is highly versatile, silicone is often used for inventive models and design engineers testing.

In order to accomplish complex molded structures, liquid silicone rubber is utilized. There are several kinds of liquid silicone rubber compounds that offer their unique applications and benefits such as medical grade, radio opaque, self-lubricating, conductive and others.

High-performance rubber

Silicone rubber is renowned for its flexibility retention and low compression set in high and low temperatures. Silicone rubber is highly long lasting and overall offers amazing mechanical properties. Because of its longevity, it is highly reliable and is trusted by different segments of industry to keep up performance for a long time. Super Silicone and Resin Art is your one stop solution to buy all types of silicone rubber and mold.

Speaking about its other enhanced capabilities, silicone rubber also provides high electrical insulation. It has fire repellent properties and features low chemical reactivity. These specs make silicone an amazing sealing material to be used in a wide range of industrial applications.