Know what is Human Resources And Their Main Characteristics


Human resource management and people management is an association of skills, methods, policies, techniques, and practices in order to manage internal behaviours, and enhance human capital. Its purpose is to select, manage, and guide employees towards the company’s objectives and goals. The basic objective of pursuing the Human Resources (HR) function is to align HR policies with the organization’s strategy.

HR strategic planning should be an integral part of the organization’s strategic planning and should contribute to the achievement of the organization’s objectives, encouraging the achievement of the individual objectives of each person.

Competency management

Competency management aims to provide the human resources and managers of companies with tools to manage and develop people, with clarity, focus and criteria. These tools are aligned with the assignments of the positions and functions of each organization.

Most usual human resources services

Assessment­­- It is an assessment methodology that consists of behaviour analysis based on multiple inputs, using multiple assessment techniques, methods and instruments, based on the skills to be assessed. It has the participation of several observers.

Headhunting- Confidential and direct approach of senior management, to select the professionals, who stand out in their sector of activity, based on their technical knowledge, and their experience.

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The act of outsourcing a service not considered central to the business so that an external entity can perform it. Such a process that allows an organization not to stick to resources whose performance is not critical to the organization, to engage in activities that are critical success factors.

Selection process

It aims to attract and select the most suitable professionals for the performance. The selection processes can be composed of interviews, group dynamics and psychological tests, among others, or by the combination of several of these, depending on the organization’s policy or practice. An objective, impartial, careful and adjusted selection, in addition to being the mirror of an organization, ends up contributing a lot to the performance of a company.

Recruitment process

Recruitment is the set of techniques and procedures that aims to attract potentially qualified candidates capable of occupying positions within the organization. Recruitment is based on the organization’s present and future Human Resources services needs.

Personal selection process

Personnel selection is the choice of the recruited candidates that best fit the open position. The basic objective of personnel selection is to choose and classify candidates suitable to the needs of the organization.