Make Sure To Have Your Texas Seller’s Permit Before Selling Your Goods or Services


Texas Seller’s Permit

If you want to sell taxable goods or services in Texas, you need at least two permits. The first that you will need is the Texas seller’s permit. The seller’s permit is another name for a sales tax license. The seller’s permit enables you to collect state sales taxes on your taxable goods or services that you sold or provided in the Lone Star State. Anyone age 18 and over can obtain a seller’s permit. Minors can obtain permits via their parents. At least one parent must apply on behalf of anyone under age 18 who wants a Texas seller’s permit to sell taxable goods or services.

Required Information for the Texas Seller’s Permit

While just about anyone within reason can get one, you need to submit specific information to get a Texas seller’s permit.  The state wants to know if you are the sole owner or if you have one or more business partners. You need to list the county and, if located outside of Texas, the state in which you are based. You also need to provide a North American Industry Classifications System Code (NAICS). That tells the state and federal governments the nature of your business. After you collect all the qualifying information that you need to apply, you can start filling out the paperwork. You need to submit the state’s application to collect Texas sales tax and transfer it to the correct agency.

You Also Need a Business Permit

Safe to say, if you are selling taxable goods or services, you have an active business. The state also requires a business permit to operate within its borders. If you are an online business based in another state, you need to provide a copy of your business license in that state. The NAICS code mentioned above helps to classify your business. You also can provide a more detailed description to better explain the scope of your business and how you intend to operate in Texas.

Apply for a Texas Seller’s Permit Now

Once you are ready to do business in Texas, all you need to do is get your seller’s permit. You can start the process to get a Texas seller’s permit right now and have it ready in time to open your doors in the Lone Star State. Your application for the seller’s permit goes to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Once there, it gets distributed to the correct agency so that you can get a quick reply to your application. So long as all your information is in order, you should get approval quickly.