Making A Decision About Driveway Repair


A driveway is one of the most important aspects of a home. It’s the entrance to the home and the first thing that people notice when they visit. If your driveway is filled and overwhelmed with unattractive cracks, it can create a bad impression of your home. You must ensure that timely driveway repair is done to preserve the good image of your home.

Should I Repair or Replace My Driveway?

If your driveway has cracks or busting and you’re ready to take care of the problem, there are two basic options you have; repair or replace. There are three things you have to consider before you ultimately decide to repair or replace your driveway:

1. Concrete Driveway

Most driveways are at least four inches thick. Due to natural stresses, this four-inch thick concrete slab tears itself apart. The stresses include:

  • Movement of substrate
  • Contraction and expansion as a result of cold and heat
  • Weight of vehicle traffic

Any material placed within these cracks to repair them will also suffer a similar fate as the original concrete slab, which is a huge failure.  

2. Replacement can be costly

Replacing your entire driveway can be an expensive affair. However, if it’s done properly, it can serve you for over 50 years without issues. So, you have decided to replace your concrete driveway, ensure that the contractor utilizes a high psi mix of concrete poured to make at least four inches of the slab.

Moreover, the contractor should use steel reinforcement to increase tensile strength and complement the already high compressive robustness of concrete.

3. Driveways’ overlays

Driveways’ overlays are important to ensure that your driveway’s surface doesn’t become weathered and lose its finish. These overlays are available in different varieties. They are costly in comparison to the cost of the replacement but they can be a useful option. Though it’s not recommended that you overlay busted or cracked concrete driveways, if the desired effect is just a better finish then overlay can improve the result.

Concrete repair can be a tricky and risky undertaking. If one isn’t careful, something can go wrong and a costly mistake is committed, which never should have been attempted in the first place. You must ensure that you aren’t counted among the many homeowners that waste a lot of money on expensive repairs that are never successful.

With that in mind, you can fill cracks to prevent moisture from penetrating and good concrete can be overlaid to enhance aesthetics. If you’re on a tight budget, the best solution would to cut out and replace only the most severely damaged parts.

How to Take Care of Your Driveway

Routine Maintenance

You must maintain your driveway routinely. You must schedule any repair or renovation during the dry season. Having it during the fall or winter will be impractical. Additionally, you must assess the existing condition of your driveway to know whether or not you need to get the help of a professional.

In some situations, you can carry out the maintenance work yourself. However, the DIY approach only applies to cases where there are minimal damages, particularly on the flooring.


You must calculate the proper budget for your repair or renovation project. If you find it inevitable to call in a professional, then you must do so. You should, however, compare different rates of different experts so you can choose the most appropriate one. Ensure that the charges you pay for the professional repairs are equal to the service provided.

Final Thought

Your driveway is one of the most important aspects of your home. People visiting your home will first be impressed by the driveway. Therefore, you must ensure that it stays in the best condition possible. Driveway repairs are expensive but can be cost-friendlier if performed by professionals. If you have decided to repair your driveway, ensure you only look for a reliable and licensed contractor.