Mobile Apps That Will Help You Study Efficiently


Nowadays, most students have access to mobile phones, and most turn to their devices when it comes to studying. It provides you with study material from all around the globe; you can easily download books that are not available physically, make presentations, make notes and study efficiently. If you are wondering how a PDF editor and other such tools could help you study intelligently, here are some mobile apps you must know about.


  • If you wish to learn a new language in a fun new way, then this app could help you tremendously. All the courses are free, designed by professional language experts. With bite-sized teachings and lessons, you can study everything from how to write, speak, read and use grammar for a particular language.

Google Drive

You might have come across this as it helps you create, download and sync files across several devices. This is almost like a file cabinet that helps you make documents, slides, sheets, presentations, and even forms when there is a stable internet connection. You can share the data with your classmates by giving them access, making real-time changes, and presenting data in any format. Again, the file saves the changes automatically every time, so you have nothing to stress about.

Microsoft To-Do

Managing everyday tasks for a college student can be bothersome. There is so much to do and so little time. Whether you are thinking of doing your project, or your homework, the Microsoft to-do tool helps you stay organized so that you can manage your time efficiently. You can create task lists and prioritize according to your own liking. You can access this list from any of your devices.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

This is an excellent dictionary app that will help you every step of the way. It assists with vocabulary building and is convenient whether you use it in your class, dorm, library, or home. You would also find synonyms and also antonyms in this dictionary cum thesaurus. Also, it comes with real English speakers; therefore, you get to know the real pronunciations of the word.


Do you have to prepare for your coming Finals or Midterms? Quizlet is a tool that helps you stay on top of your studies by creating flashcards that help you to retain information without much hassle. You can prepare any subject on this software including Biology, maths, English, vocabulary and a lot more. You could even share the flashcards with your friends for effective group study. Study when you want and wherever you want.


This app is used for taking down lectures by creating notes and notebooks for all of your different subjects. With the search bar, you can easily find your notes using specific keywords. There are tags present which help you differentiate important notes from others. You could add PDFs, images, and also links. You could also share your notebook with anyone you want to make study fun for you and your friends.

Along with PDF to Word converter, these tools have been gaining a lot of popularity, helping you manage and stay focused on your academics.