Moss Offshore: Helping You Set-Up Your Offshore Company


An offshore company is a business that is formed and operates outside the home country. By the term offshore, we mean the business practices that lie outside the home country of the owner. The most common type of offshore companies is bank accounts, real estate, insurance policies, and investments.

Offshore companies usually make laws to attract foreign investors. Also, they follow a different tax structure and regulations.

Offshore Company Formation

The main purpose of offshore company formation is to enjoy international tax benefits. By setting up a company under an offshore jurisdiction, you can keep your assets protected.

Today, the process of setting up an offshore company has become extremely easy and fast. It takes as little as 20 minutes to get the work done online.

The first step to set-up your offshore company starts with the selection of your jurisdiction. By jurisdiction, we mean the area or region where you want to establish your business. Your choice of jurisdiction is based on your reason to set-up the company. The main factors could be tax benefits, reputation, and investment or privacy purposes.

It takes just about a week to get the company register depending on the jurisdiction that you have selected. In the next step, you need to open an offshore bank account. This will allow you to use the online banking services to easily access the funds from any corner of the world.

Opening an offshore bank account may take you longer than setting up your company. These days it has become very difficult to get help from the experts.

Moss Offshore

Moss Offshore has been providing offshore company and banking services to its clients for long. They can deliver you the kind of attention that can meet offshore baking demands. Whether you want to grow your business or secure your family’s future or increase your assets, you can seek help from Moss Offshore. They will provide you with all the help you need to set up your offshore company incorporation. You can check out their list of offshore services on their website.