Perfect Choices for the Best Watch


A beautiful watch is often worth a lot, not only in money but also emotionally. Whether it is from a legacy or whether it is the first watch you have purchased. That is why your watch deserves a fair and good price.

There are many ways to sell a watch, but not every way is that fair or safe. Selling an expensive watch through a second-hand website involves risks, with a bit of bad luck there will be someone at the door who does not want to pay for your watch at all. In doing so, you run the risk of wasting time on people who are not serious. So if you are seriously thinking that “I wish to Sell my watch”, then here are the options waiting for you.

You can also have your watch bought by a watch buyer.

He usually knows his stuff and works quickly and very easily. The only risk is that you will get too low a price for your watch. They remain traders and they prefer an expensive watch for the lowest possible price. You can also exchange your watch at a jeweler, often you will receive a higher amount but in the form of a too good voucher. You must then purchase a new watch from them.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Quotation is always free and without obligation
  • Insured transport
  • Safe
  • Often a better price
  • A lot of convenience

Why the pre-owned luxury watch market is interesting?

The first reason is obviously the price! The opportunity allows you to acquire watches at better prices and thus expand your collection or change your timepiece more often. You can get good business and even investments. A pre-owned watch has lost much of its new price, with the exception of some models which have already gained in value by the time you remove the Gold from the payment terminal, making it much more accessible. The depreciation curve is steeper the first few years and this is where you should come in.

In addition, unlike a “normal” car, owners of luxury watches generally take great care of their beloved tocante and it is very likely that the product has not been abused. Finally, these are watches made to last. A watch that has been worn for 3 years is only at the beginning of its life. We are talking about a real investment. There are different options there for watch loans.

Selling a watch has never been easier.

The Watch Exchange Office has more than 80 locations where you can enter. You may have some burning questions: What is my watch actually worth? Is it worth selling it? And if I sell it: How do you proceed? A frequently asked question is: Can I sell my watch without papers? Often the papers get lost or a box is accidentally thrown away. Offering a watch without papers is no problem at the Watch Exchange Office. However, you have to take into account that the value can decrease. After all, official papers and boxes complete your brand watch. And that also applies to the maintenance history.

Sell ​​Gold Watch

Selling a gold watch can bring in quite a bit of money these days. There are many people who own a gold watch but have not worn it for a while. Vintage watches such as the Omega De Ville or Seamaster used to be widely sold. However, the watch may have suffered damage over time, water damage, scratches or forgotten maintenance. That does not mean that the watch no longer has any value. Often the watch case is made of gold and it is fitted with a gold watch strap.